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  • How Marketing Teams Can Capitalize on Demographic Shifts

    Many modern businesses live and die by the stories they tell -- and the stories that are told about them. It's crucial to strike the appropriate tone in today's always-connected forum of oversaturated media and crowded mobile and social distribution channels, but it's no longer about one narrative from a single voice.

    Written by Matt Kapko13 Feb. 15 07:16
  • AT&T backs off threat to halt its fiber rollout

    AT&T now says it will continue its already-announced fiber optic network expansion to 100 cities, backtracking on comments by AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson after President Obama voiced support for net neutrality last month.

    Written by Matt Hamblen02 Dec. 14 06:39
  • Social Media Rehab for CIOs

    Of all the questions I ask CIOs (and I've got an arsenal at my command), there's always one that stops the conversation cold. "So what are you doing with social media?" Um, me personally or my company? "Either." Um, well, let me think ...

    Written by Maryfran Johnson29 Sept. 14 23:08