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  • CommBank debuts cardless ATMs

    Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) has beefed up its mobile wallet offering with three additions to the app, including one that enables consumers to withdraw cash using their smartphones from 3,000 of the bank’s ATMs.

    Written by Byron Connolly30 April 14 12:16
  • Regulation stifling financial tech innovation

    The Australian government needs to take a more balanced approach to regulation and stop stifling banks’ ability to innovate, several financial institutions have urged in their submissions to the Financial System Inquiry.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett09 April 14 15:31
  • CommBank unveils enhanced mobile app

    Not to be outdone by one of its fiercest competitors, Commonwealth Bank (CBA) today unveiled an enhanced app using near-field communication (NFC) technology that allows users to bank and pay for products and services with their mobile phone.

    Written by Byron Connolly12 Dec. 13 10:25
  • We mean business

    After completing a graduate training program at the Commonwealth Bank, Bettina Wilcox realised that the technology sector was where she really wanted to be.

    Written by Tim Mendham25 Oct. 13 10:00
  • Why digital natives are changing the face of customer delivery

    Organisations looking to successfully deal with the next generation of digital-first customers must quickly embrace new technologies and be willing to innovate products and services in an agile fashion if they’re to retain competitive advantage.

    Written by Nadia Cameron13 Sept. 13 12:04
  • Westpac CIO: Customer experience is core to our technology strategy

    The rise of digital, mobile and social media have put customers at the centre of the banking experience, and organisations must align technology innovation with their real-time needs to remain relevant, says Westpac Group's CIO Clive Whincup.

    Written by Nadia Cameron03 Sept. 13 12:00
  • Data brings banks closer to customers

    Banks are seeking closer relationships with customers through greater use of customer data and new technologies, according to banking and telecom officials at the CeBIT Financial Tech conference in Sydney.

    Written by Adam Bender30 May 13 09:30
  • Australian banks welcome real-time payments service

    Banks have responded positively to the Australian Payments Clearing Association's proposal for new real-time payments infrastructure, saying it will lead to more innovation in areas such as mobile payments.

    Written by Hamish Barwick20 Feb. 13 15:44
  • Startup wants to be Australia's Mint.com

    Pocketbook, a Sydney-based startup, seeks to build a simpler and more useful service for managing spending than current offerings in Australia.

    Written by Adam Bender08 Jan. 13 14:12
  • Westpac outlines data centre consolidation strategy

    Faced with the challenge of operating nine data centres around Australia, Westpac Group is one year into a four-year program designed to consolidate these numerous facilities into two Sydney-based data centres.

    Written by Hamish Barwick07 Nov. 12 16:41