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  • How to prepare for a clean install of Windows 10 Creators Update

    With the public release of the Creators Update for Windows 10 arriving Tuesday, April 11, it's time to start prepping for that "feature update" (aka version 1703). There are several steps that you can and should take to get your machines ready.

    Written by Ed Tittel07 April 17 03:48
  • 7 things small businesses need to know about Windows 10

    Windows pros discuss what small business owners and managers should know about Microsoft’s latest operating system before they upgrade, purchase or roll it out to employees.

    Written by Jennifer Lonoff Schiff29 Jan. 16 00:41
  • How to reduce unnecessary drivers in Windows 10

    Like its predecessors, once you've run Windows 10 for a while, it can suffer from driver bloat. But using DriverStore Explorer and some simple techniques, you whittle down the number of obsolete or unused drivers that might be slowing you down.

    Written by Ed Tittel05 Nov. 15 16:24
  • How to work with Windows 10’s Reliability Monitor

    Whether you're troubleshooting operational issues or trying to push a Windows 10 machine to its highest level of performance, Reliability Monitor, which is built-in to the operating system, can help in a big way.

    Written by Ed Tittel29 Oct. 15 15:26
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  • How to improve Dynamic Lock in Windows 10 Creators Update

    Dynamic Lock is a convenient, if somewhat imperfect, new feature that uses the proximity of a Bluetooth-paired phone to handle Windows 10 device access. Here’s how a handy tool will give you more control over when the lock kicks in.

    Written by Ed Tittel10 April 17 23:44
  • Why enterprises are upgrading to Windows 10 faster than expected

    When Windows 10 came out in July 2015, many enterprises said they’d adopt it in 18-24 months. That would be right about now. All indications are that Windows 10 is hitting its stride in business, in many cases ahead of schedule.

    Written by Mary Branscombe04 April 17 23:55
  • Best Black Friday 2016 Windows deals

    Microsoft, Best Buy, Staples and other retailers roll out the Windows laptop and tablet offers for Black Friday 2016

    Written by Bob Brown20 Nov. 16 10:14
  • Respect: Windows 10 security impresses hackers

    Windows is a popular attack target for criminals and researchers alike, but Microsoft has done a good job of making it harder to target security flaws in the OS

    Written by Fahmida Y. Rashid15 Aug. 16 20:00

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