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  • How to prepare for Windows 8 even though it's not coming to enterprises

    Windows 8 won't be adopted as a standard at your business anytime soon, according to a new Forrester report. But that doesn't mean IT shouldn't prepare for it to sneak through the BYOD side door. Here are five ways to be ready for Windows 8.

    Written by Shane O'Neill20 May 13 20:08
  • How to downgrade from Windows 8

    For a variety of reasons, some businesses are looking to downgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 7. The good news is that Microsoft's business licenses come with downgrade rights, but the catch is that the rules can be tricky and compliance could become an issue. Here are some clarifications on your rights when downgrading from Windows 8 or standardising on earlier Microsoft operating systems.

    Written by Paul Rubens14 March 13 20:20
  • Asus unveils three tablets and a slate

    At CES 2011 today, Asus announced three new Android tablets and a Windows 7 based slate PC. The tablets, all Android-based, go by the moniker "Eee Pad" while the Windows 7 device is called an "Eee Slate." Each one offers some unique features, from stylus input options to sliding keyboards or docking stations. Unfortunately, we don't yet have exact shipping dates or prices for the Android tablets, and the Eee Slate looks to be fairly pricey.

    Written by Jason Cross05 Jan. 11 12:32
  • Is Linux really harder to use?

    Not surprisingly, the misperception that Linux is harder to use than other operating systems is also one that competing vendors routinely use to scare potential new users away from Linux.

    Written by Katherine Noyes03 Aug. 10 08:17
  • Microsoft, get back to work!

    Steve Ballmer assured analysts and the world that Microsoft is hard at work developing a Windows 7-based tablet to compete with devices like the Apple iPad.

    Written by Tony Bradley31 July 10 04:13
  • Windows 7 Tips: Best Security Features

    For both enterprises and consumers, one of the big draws of Windows 7 has been its tighter security features.

    Written by Shane O'Neill04 Feb. 10 04:52
  • Microsoft in 2010: Four Challenges That Lie Ahead

    When you're a technology mongrel like Microsoft, challenges are constant - and 2009 was chock full of them. It was a tumultuous year that saw the software giant's first widespread layoffs and its worst quarterly revenue earnings ever.

    Written by Shane O'Neill11 Dec. 09 05:21
  • Windows 7: 5 Things for CIOs to Consider Before Deployment

    Start now. Particularly if you skipped Vista, you need to start testing applications for compatibility with Windows 7. Microsoft says it will discontinue support for Windows XP in April 2014. Gartner predicts that many application vendors will drop support for XP versions by 2012. "Application support is the biggest problem to be concerned with," says Gartner analyst Michael Silver, even with some browser applications: Windows 7 forces an upgrade to Internet Explorer 8.

    Written by David F. Carr30 Nov. 09 06:14
  • Win 7 Launch: Early Adopters Eager to Bid Farewell to XP

    At the Windows 7 launch in downtown Manhattan, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer unveiled the general availability of Windows 7 with his usual enthusiasm, emphasizing ease of use, faster boot up times and the ability to bring together the PC and the television.

    Written by Shane O'Neill27 Oct. 09 06:29
  • Windows 7 Migration: Four Planning Tips

    Despite enterprise affinity for the sturdy and reliable Windows XP, it's all but inevitable that Windows 7, shipping next week, on Oct. 22, will see significant business adoption in 2010. That's due to both Windows XP's age and the timing of PC hardware upgrade cycles. Analysts at research firm Gartner expect corporate demand for Windows 7 to gain full momentum by the end of 2010.

    Written by Shane O'Neill19 Oct. 09 11:47