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  • Mobile App Developers Speak: 'Stick to One Platform'

    Shall it be iOS, Android or Windows 8? It's a tough choice these days for developers. Here are some words of advice from two in-demand developers. Key tip: Don't be a platform jumper.

    Written by Shane O'Neill14 Nov. 12 23:32
  • Can Windows 8 Give Developers What iOS and Android Lack?

    Microsoft's future hinges on attracting developers to build Windows 8 apps. But by offering financial incentives, supporting a range of programming languages and allowing developers to write code once for multiple devices, those developers may soon follow.

    Written by Shane O'Neill07 Nov. 12 20:10
  • Windows 8 coming out party: New Microsoft OS runs on all kinds of hardware

    Windows 8, Microsoft's bold new operating system, officially debuted this morning at a coming out party in New York City highlighted by a display of the wide variety of devices on which it can run - from PCs to tablets to hybrids to laptops to notebooks.

    Written by Tim Greene25 Oct. 12 18:31
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