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  • CIO gives Sydney Water a new flow

    At the Sydney Easter Show last month, CIO George Hunt was at Sydney Water's booth, handing out merchandise and talking to visitors.

    Written by George Nott28 May 17 06:00
  • Midsize IT Outsourcing Providers Offer Hidden Value

    There's a growing shift from tier 1 offshore outsourcing providers to midsize IT services players. Scale and price are no longer the sole interest of outsourcing customers. They are seeking agility, flexibility, vertical alignment, responsiveness and trust -- all of which they are more likely to find in a smaller, more focused provider.

    Written by Stephanie Overby20 Sept. 13 14:00
  • Study: High growth companies are better at analysing data

    The Economist Intelligence Unit has found a strong relationship between the growth of corporate earnings and companies’ use of data in strategic planning, with high growth companies performing better at analysis and use data for decision making.

    Written by Derek du Preez01 May 13 07:18
  • Apple drops, Wipro tops Greenpeace rankings

    First-time surprise entrant Wipro tops the list of rankings in the 18th edition of the Greenpeace "Guide to Greener Electronics," with Apple dropping two spots to sixth compared to last year's study.

    Written by Agam Shah19 Nov. 12 05:06
  • Wipro's revenue growth continues to slide

    Wipro said Friday its IT services business grew only 4.6 percent in U.S. dollar terms in the quarter ending Sept. 30, a much slower rate of growth reflecting a weak global economy.

    Written by John Ribeiro02 Nov. 12 05:53
  • Can you trust one outsourcing provider to manage the rest?

    Even as CIOs continue to pursue the multi-provider model for outsourcing IT, the question remains as to how to do it successfully: amassing the necessary vendor management skills needed, avoiding vendor finger pointing, and achieving intended results.

    Written by Stephanie Overby05 Nov. 11 03:04
  • Indian outsourcers see opportunity in U.S. credit downgrade

    India's National Association of Software and Service Companies (Nasscom) said Monday that an economic slump in the U.S. will benefit Indian outsourcers, as U.S. customers look to cut costs.

    Written by John Ribeiro09 Aug. 11 03:59