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  • Big visions for 5G before the FCC

    Drones, robots, high-altitude balloons and low-altitude satellites are all envisioned to provide fifth-generation (5G) wireless connections as early as 2020, according to recent FCC filings from 55 companies, including Google, Samsung, Intel and Qualcomm.

    Written by Matt Hamblen22 Jan. 15 22:23
  • AT&T announces developer tool for WebRTC

    LAS VEGAS -- AT&T announced on Monday a developer tool that enables technology called Enhanced WebRTC to provide voice and video calls between browsers without the need for a plug-in.

    Written by Matt Hamblen06 Jan. 15 07:06
  • Big tech firms back Wi-FAR for remote broadband

    Google, Microsoft and Facebook are cranking up an emerging wireless technology known as Wi-FAR to help reduce the digital divide in remote and unconnected regions of the world.

    Written by Matt Hamblen07 Aug. 14 20:34
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