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News about wireless technology
  • 5 New Wireless Technologies for Today's Businesses

    Wireless technology changes quickly. This matters if you're running a business, as faster Wi-Fi can improve employee productivity as well as customer service. These advances in wireless tech are therefore worth watching.

    Written by John Brandon21 April 14 23:47
  • Google+ app for Android gets major overhaul

    Google revamped its Google+ Android app Monday sprucing up the social network's mobile front door with a cleaner interface, more functions, and a promise of improved battery life. The Android app (now Version 2.1) is available for download at Android Market.

    Written by Eric Mack02 Nov. 11 04:44
  • New iPhone 4S: Antenna 'death grip' now slightly harder

    Apple has changed the antenna in the new iPhone 4S so that the cellular radio in the phone can choose between two antennas, depending on which one is sending or receiving signal best. These two antennas are part of the stainless steel band that wraps around the sides of the iPhone 4 and the new 4S. On the iPhone 4 this band is split up into several antennas so that one piece does Wi-Fi, another does GPS, another does Bluetooth and still another does cellular.

    Written by Mark Sullivan06 Oct. 11 08:37
  • How to set up and maintain a wireless workplace

    Wireless networks aren't just a convenience anymore; they've become an essential part of business culture. It's nearly impossible to walk into a workplace that doesn't use Wi-Fi in some fashion. For the millions of portable wireless devices--from traditional laptops to smartphones and tablets (including Apple's iDevices and the ever-expanding menagerie of Android-based gear)--that people carry with them today, Wi-Fi is the great connector, providing an industry-standard communication layer for untethered devices.

    Written by Keith Schultz30 Sept. 11 08:14
Features about wireless technology
  • Motorola Xoom: To buy or not to buy?

    To buy or not to buy? That's the question right now as the Motorola Xoom, Google's first Android Honeycomb tablet, gets ready to make its grand debut.

    Written by JR Raphael24 Feb. 11 01:59
  • The clock is ticking: Give IPv6 a test drive

    Major Websites are to test Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) by participating in World IPv6 Day, scheduled for June 8. Google, Facebook, and Yahoo, among others, have agreed to ensure that IPv6 entrances to their sites will be available, along with any network infrastructure needed to receive IPv6 traffic.

    Written by Keir Thomas13 Jan. 11 09:55
  • Networking gets faster, more media-savvy

    Home is where the network is: That's the mantra of networking vendors at the Consumer Electronics Show 2011 in Las Vegas this week.

    Written by Yardena Arar08 Jan. 11 13:19
  • Why Google Docs will be a 'killer app' for tablets

    Google on Monday announced that it will introduce versions of Google Docs for tablets running both the Android and Apple iOS4 mobile operating systems.

    Written by John P. Mello Jr.21 Sept. 10 09:24

Whitepapers about wireless technology

  • Smart Building Connectivity

    Enterprise workplaces are under growing pressure to provide businesses with the necessary infrastructure to support advanced connectivity and emerging wired and wireless technologies. As IoT devices become the new office norm, organisations that fail to invest in the requisite the cabling risk falling behind their competitors and hindering their employees. This white paper looks at why organisations should be taking an integrated approach to cabling infrastructure to support the next generation of wireless technologies.

  • In-Building Wireless Best Practices