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x86 server market

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News about x86 server market
  • Oracle's ambitious plans for integrating Sun's technology

    Oracle has presented an overview of its ambitions for its newly acquired Sun products, focusing on integrated systems offering everything from the application to the database, servers and storage.

    Written by Paul Krill28 Jan. 10 07:18
  • Intel ahead of schedule with new Xeon server chips

    Intel is set to start production of its next-generation Xeon quad-core server chips ahead of schedule, which could then appear in systems as early as the first quarter of next year, a company official said on Tuesday.

    Written by Agam Shah23 Sept. 09 12:32
  • HP offers SSDs in ProLiant server line

    HP has announced it will offer 60GB and 120GB solid-state disk (SSD) drives as an option across the full range of HP ProLiant G6 servers, as well as in select ProLiant G5 servers.

    Written by Lucas Mearian18 Sept. 09 07:23
  • Server revenue declined sharply in Q1, IDC says

    A precipitous fall in worldwide server shipments triggered a sharp decline in revenue for server makers during the first quarter of 2009, IDC said in a survey released on Thursday.

    Written by Agam Shah29 May 09 08:06
Features about x86 server market
  • Analysis: Would you like a data center with that server?

    Faced with the continued commoditization of servers, IT vendors this year will try to differentiate their offerings by moving toward more highly integrated, unified compute platforms.

    Written by Robert L. Mitchell20 Jan. 10 08:03