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News about y2k
  • Why it's best to wait to make that ERP cloud jump

    Many enterprise software or enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendors are in some phase of moving to a new digital platform, with each trying to encourage long-standing customers to shift with them.

    Written by Eric Robinson12 Aug. 19 12:26
  • ​Is your organisation heading for a Prexit?

    Do you continue using project management as a means of delivering transformation or do you disband what you have and place your faith in something else?

    Written by Colin Ellis29 June 16 10:28
Features about y2k
  • Y2K: 10 years later

    It's hard to believe that 10 years have passed since the dreaded Millennium Bug put fear into the hearts of technology specialists, software developers, business executives, and legal departments everywhere.

    Written by Paul Krill05 Jan. 10 02:21