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  • Claudine Ogilvie joins Youi board

    Jetstar CIO Claudine Ogilvie has joined the board of insurance organisation, Youi.

    Written by Byron Connolly23 March 18 14:28
  • Transform your business or pay the price

    There is more pressure than ever on CIOs to capitalise on digital opportunities. Traditional, well-established business models are being swept aside by more nimble and agile businesses created through digital innovations.

    Written by Richard Earl12 Aug. 15 15:47
  • Youi maps project management

    Insurance firm, Youi, has deployed mind mapping technology applications as a part of its project management strategy.

    Written by Lisa Banks22 March 11 14:39

Whitepapers about Youi

  • Case Study: Mimecast helps Youi deliver outstanding customer service

    Mimecast Unified Email Management helps innovative general insurer, Youi, to put secure, reliable and compliant email communications at the heart of an enhanced customer experience. Youi is a fast-growing general insurance business serving the Australian and New Zealand markets. It is based on the Sunshine Coast and employs around 1700 people. Since launching in Australia in 2008, the firm has quickly secured a 5% market share in the Motor and Home insurance arena thanks to its commitment to product and service innovation, which in turn supports a customer satisfaction rate of 85%.