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Stories by James Niccolai

Panasonic to commercialize Facebook's Blu-ray cold storage systems

A couple of years ago, Facebook revealed it was using Blu-ray disks as a cost-efficient way to archive the billions of images that users uploaded to its service. Now, Panasonic has said it plans to commercialize the technology for other businesses, and is working on new disks that will hold a terabyte of data.

Written by James Niccolai05 Jan. 16 23:38

All Samsung smart TVs will be 'IoT-ready' in 2016

All Samsung smart TVs sold in 2016 will be IoT-ready, meaning they'll be able to talk to compatible appliances around the home, according to the company.

Written by James Niccolai30 Dec. 15 00:53

Six sneak peaks that give you a taste of what CES will be all about

With CES only a few weeks away, gadget makers are sending the usual flood of invites and meeting requests to try to drum up interest in their products. It's clear the big themes this year will be smart appliances for the home, drones, robotics, and all kinds of car tech, along with the usual monster TVs and gaming rigs.

Written by James Niccolai15 Dec. 15 00:05

Google's Life Sciences division is now called Verily

Google's parent company, Alphabet, has renamed its life sciences division Verily and given it the modest goal to "understand disease at the individual level."

Written by James Niccolai08 Dec. 15 03:42

Google accused of tracking school kids after it promised not to

Google has been collecting information about US schoolchildren's browsing habits despite signing a pledge saying it was committed to their privacy, the Electronic Frontier Foundation said in a complaint filed Tuesday.

Written by James Niccolai02 Dec. 15 01:38

HP bows out with a 9 per cent drop in sales

It was an inglorious ending but not a surprising one: The former Hewlett-Packard Co. logged an 8 percent drop in sales for its last quarter before the split, perhaps a sign that it's better off in two pieces.

Written by James Niccolai25 Nov. 15 01:12

It's cloud soon gone, HP aligns with Microsoft Azure

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise is partnering with Microsoft to offer its Azure public cloud services to customers, filling a gap after HPE decided to scrap its own cloud services early next year.

Written by James Niccolai25 Nov. 15 03:40