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Patent filing describes IBM's new offshoring math

IBM last week filed a patent application for an offshore outsourcing methodology that's intended to help companies minimize the financial risks associated with sending work overseas.

Written by Patrick Thibodeau31 March 09 07:17

The IT job market is tanking -- but not for everyone

Shortly after Donnie Reynolds, the chief operating officer at Automated HealthCare Solutions, learned that Microsoft planned to cut 5,000 workers over the next 18 months, he and another employee of the medical services provider flew to the software vendor's home city.

Written by Patrick Thibodeau03 Feb. 09 08:31

Union: IBM layoffs now 4200 -- may go higher

IBM's not-so-secret layoffs may have reached 4200 Tuesday, according to Alliance@IBM, which believes that thousands of other employees will be loosing their jobs as well before the cuts end.

Written by Patrick Thibodeau29 Jan. 09 09:31

Union: IBM layoff count nearing 3000 this week

Microsoft and Sun Microsystems aren't the only top IT vendors laying off employees. IBM may have quietly let more than 2800 workers go, according to the Alliance@IBM union, which expects even more job cuts at the company.

Written by Patrick Thibodeau27 Jan. 09 09:45

Twitter says purported White House account was a fake

For more than a year, an @TheWhiteHouse account on Twitter's microblogging site was used to dutifully send out more than 1,500 alerts about speeches, press briefings and other Bush administration news. The Twitter account's claim that it was officially sanctioned by the White House appeared believable, if only because it was so earnest — and boring.

Written by Patrick Thibodeau27 Jan. 09 10:26

Twitter, search robots get welcomes from Obama White House

President Barack Obama's stated plan to create a "Google for government" began Tuesday with a makeover that was announced via a blog entry on the redesigned Web site and a Twitter post.

Written by Patrick Thibodeau22 Jan. 09 12:35

United Nations looks to SAP for ERP system

The United Nations may be on the verge of installing an ERP system from SAP AG, potentially resulting in one of the largest public-sector deployments to date for the Walldorf, Germany-based software vendor.

Written by Patrick Thibodeau19 Jan. 09 09:00

In a down economy, SaaS revenues rise

The economic downturn has been punishing to many IT vendors, but not software-as-a-service vendors. SaaS providers are seeing double-digit growth in their subscription revenue, according to a new study by Forrester Research Inc.

Written by Patrick Thibodeau16 Jan. 09 07:16

Obama's likely FCC choice has a heart for startups

Julius Genachowski, who is expected to be <a href=";searchTerms=Barack+Obama"> President-elect Barack Obama </a>'s choice to head the <a href=";searchTerms=U.S.+Federal+Communications+Commission"> Federal Communications Commission </a>, has a Washington insider's resume and a Silicon Valley attitude.

Written by Patrick Thibodeau14 Jan. 09 10:34

Recession helps send more CEOs to the exits

Nearly 1500 CEOs left their jobs last year, including 221 in the technology and telecommunications sector, according to US recruitment firm.

Written by Patrick Thibodeau15 Jan. 09 01:14

Stimulus could create thousands of IT jobs

A US federal economic stimulus package expected early this year from the administration of President-elect Barack Obama should boost the job prospects of IT professionals.

Written by Patrick Thibodeau06 Jan. 09 09:07

Outsourcing firms warn of H-1B visa cutbacks

In filings with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, companies that use H-1B and L-1 visas are alerting investors that it may become more difficult to obtain them in the future. Some firms are also noting that they don't know whether President-elect Barack Obama and the new Congress will help them get adequate numbers of visas.

Written by Patrick Thibodeau18 Dec. 08 07:46

IT vendors cut financing rates down to nothing

Hewlett-Packard has a deal for you: zero-percent financing for up to 36 months on leases of many of its enterprise software products. The offer, announced last week, applies to software contracts worth more than US$100,000 and will be in place through January 31.

Written by Patrick Thibodeau16 Dec. 08 08:19