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Stories by Bernard Golden

Blog: Bitten by a Microsoft Patch

I am a fanatic about Windows security. Every Windows box has Zone Alarm, ClamAV, and Spybot. I also have autodownload of Windows patches, but always review them before installation. Most of the time I just allow them to be installed, but I want to see them before they're installed.

Written by Bernard Golden11 July 08 15:09

Blog: Finally, Someone at Microsoft Makes Sense

Ray Ozzie says open source is a bigger threat to Microsoft than Google. That's according to Mary Jo Foley, who discusses Ozzie's presentation at a conference this week.

Written by Bernard Golden30 May 08 15:31

Blog: Windows 7: Vista Redux

When last seen in December, Gartner was advising companies that despite the fact that Vista had no discernible must-have (or even useful) enterprise functionality, they should adopt it nevertheless, because it would position them for Windows 7.

Written by Bernard Golden30 May 08 15:25

Blog: My Visit to the MIT Media Lab

I had the opportunity to visit the MIT Media Lab last week, and it was truly a great experience.

Written by Bernard Golden09 May 08 15:38

Blog: The Challenge Open Source Presents to CIOs

This week's eWeek contains what should be a wake up call for every CIO regarding the pervasiveness and challenge that open source represents to their jobs and organizations. In the midst of an extensive interview with Jonathan Schwartz and Rich Green, Schwartz cites this anecdote, which provides dramatic evidence of the role open source plays in today's IT landscape. Here is the anecdote in its entirety:

Written by Bernard Golden28 April 08 15:12

Blog: Wired Asks the Wrong Question about Open Source

"Where are all the open source billionaires?" Wired asks in its March issue. Wrong question. The right question is "Who will become billionaires because of open source?"

Written by Bernard Golden22 April 08 14:55

Blog: Shadow IT as Deli

One of the most interesting presentations at last week's Open Source Business Conference was not, strictly speaking, about (or even particularly connected to) open source at all.

Written by Bernard Golden11 April 08 15:39

Blog: The Future of Enterprise Software

Attended what was billed as a smackdown between SAP and Salesforce at the Churchill Club's "Great Debate: The Future of Enterprise Software." The two belligerents were Hasso Plattner, co-founder of SAP, and Mark Benioff, found of Salesforce.com.

Written by Bernard Golden07 April 08 14:41

Blog: Trust and Influence

I attended a fascinating event at the Churchill Club last week: "Who Do You Trust? Trends in Trust and Influence for the Next Generation of Business Leaders."

Written by Bernard Golden04 March 08 11:11

Microsoft's Vista Plan: Throw More Lipstick on the Pig

There's a deep irony in last week's announcement that Microsoft's head of Windows marketing, Michael Sievert, has "left the company," corporate-speak for "been dumped." At least they didn't add the killer clause "to pursue other interests," corporate-speak for "dumped with enthusiasm."

Written by Bernard Golden22 Feb. 08 11:54

Blog: BEA: Icahn, not Ellison is key player in this drama

So, the long-awaited shoe finally dropped. Oracle launched an unsolicited bid for BEA. While a BEA acquisition has been anticipated for a long-time, I'm surprised only that it took so long for Oracle to finally come calling; BEA would have been much cheaper a few years ago, but perhaps Oracle was preoccupied digesting its other victims acquisitions.

Written by Bernard Golden15 Oct. 07 08:09

Blog: Does the world spend 6% of GDP on IT?

I noted a story that Gartner Group reported that worldwide IT spending is on a pace to reach US$3.1 trillion in 2007, with a forecast of US$3.3 trillion next year. Even more interesting is that IT spend in developing countries is rapidly rising, with one-third of all IT spending (i.e., US$1 trillion) being done by nations other than North America, Western Europe, and Japan.

Written by Bernard Golden12 Oct. 07 13:41