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Stories by Adam Bender

The battle to bring your own app

Mobility has brought a new challenge to the CIO’s doorstep: A generation of employees who want their own apps. CIO Australia looks at whether it’s time to beat them, or join them.

Written by Adam Bender28 Jan. 15 11:15

MOOCs deliver robots for everyone

The Queensland University of Technology (QUT) aims to bring robots to the masses through two massive open online courses (MOOCs) on robotics.

Written by Adam Bender20 Jan. 15 13:08

Designing virtual reality for the enterprise

A production and development house from Ballarat has set its eyes on the emerging market of virtual reality services for the enterprise.

Written by Adam Bender15 Jan. 15 15:30

Will 3D printing usher in the next wave of Internet piracy?

A predicted boom in 3D printing could create a tangled web of intellectual property (IP) issues as it becomes cheaper and easier to copy designs and make knockoffs, according to some IP experts.

Written by Adam Bender09 Jan. 15 14:25

Suncorp backs NFC payments, Apple Pay

Suncorp Bank has revealed it will soon support contactless mobile payments on Apple iOS and Google Android devices.

Written by Adam Bender15 Dec. 14 09:56

NEC snags $55 million contract with NT govt

The Northern Territory government has signed a $55 million, three-year contract with NEC to support 20,000 users across the territory.

Written by Adam Bender09 Dec. 14 10:11

St George CIO banks on ‘mobile only’

St George Bank, viewed as the 'innovation hub' of Westpac, has adopted a 'mobile only' strategy, according to CIO Dhiren Kulkarni.

Written by Adam Bender02 Dec. 14 09:00