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Equinix opens largest Australian data centre, SY5

Equinix has officially opened its largest data centre in Australia to date, SY5 located in Alexandria across from SY4. The facility currently offers 1825 cabinets and has capacity for 9,225 cabinets. The data centre cost $224 million and is part of a $2.7 billion investment across the world.

Written by CIO Staff13 Nov. 19 16:46

Building an AI-driven network

Artificial intelligence (AI) – it’s a nebulous term that means many things to different people. What is true is that one day in the near future, machines will be likely to possess ‘human-level’ intelligence, providing organisations with efficiencies that they have never seen before.

Written by CIO Staff18 Sept. 19 15:34

Overcoming your data management woes

Tech execs discuss how they're making better use of and protecting their data in a hybrid cloud world.

Written by CIO Staff09 July 19 16:24

Government failing to address digital issues for citizens

Non-profit Digital Rights Watch (DRW) said the Morrison government has failed on all digital issues from protecting privacy to supporting encryption, copyright reform, and ethical government data use.

Written by CIO Staff02 May 19 12:10

Bot attacks costing companies $2M per breach

About 90 per cent of credential abuse attacks are delivered from within Australia through local ISP networks, according to a report.

Written by CIO Staff16 April 19 14:57

UniSA secures $245M for smart satellite centre

The University of South Australia has been granted $55 million to develop a cooperative research centre for smart satellite technologies and analytics (SmartSat CRC)​.

Written by CIO Staff15 April 19 12:15

Integrity of wool supply chain given boost with new app

The Australian Wool Exchange (AWEX) has worked with Microsoft partner MicroChannel to build a smartphone app and cloud-based system that lets wool classers create, capture and manage inventory data arising from the wool harvesting process in a shearing shed.

Written by CIO Staff10 April 19 11:15

WA's Office of Digital Government gets $34.7M boost

The Western Australia Government has announced a multi-million dollar investment in driving change in government ICT strategy, policy and reform agenda, in the public sector.

Written by CIO Staff02 April 19 15:43

Australian businesses slow to take-up AI

The majority of Australian business leaders have acknowledged the importance of artificial intelligence (AI) to their organisation’s competitiveness over the next three years, in a recent survey.

Written by CIO Staff01 April 19 16:01