Stories by CIO Staff

​NAB launches API developer portal

National Australia Bank (NAB) is making its APIs publicly available to allow third party developers to connect to select sets of the bank’s data.

Written by CIO Staff15 Dec. 16 10:24

​Top strategies for CIOs in the cybersecurity war

The IT security landscape has dramatically evolved over in recent years. There’s been a significant increase in the frequency and complexity of cyberattacks against businesses.

Written by CIO Staff02 Dec. 16 11:39

Digital transformation: Will you be a predator or prey?

Is IT holding digital transformation projects back? And how do you deal with the perfect storm of technology and culture? Two industry leaders answered these questions and more during CIO Australia's 'digital age' event in Sydney.

Written by CIO Staff17 Oct. 16 09:00

​Announcing the State of the CIO 2017

What’s on your agenda for the next 12 months? What are the technology strategies that are going to drive your business forward?

Written by CIO Staff06 Oct. 16 09:36

​Time extended to enter the CIO50

Due to high demand for nominations in this year’s CIO50 list, we are extending the deadline for entries to August 31. So you now have more time to tell us your story of transformation, innovation and leadership.

Written by CIO Staff12 Aug. 16 09:17

Infographic: Bitcoin halving explained

On July 9, Bitcoin block reward halving will begin. This means that the rate new bitcoins are created will be permanently reduced by 50 per cent. The folks at ​Coin Journal​ have explained what this means in the Infographic below.

Written by CIO Staff04 July 16 09:13

Bigcommerce strikes integration deal with eBay

Online retailers across Australia and New Zealand will be able to access tens of millions of new potential customers using a multi-channel selling model, following a partnership between Bigcommerce and eBay Australia.

Written by CIO Staff02 Feb. 16 15:19

The power of effective communication

Three CIOs share how they are working to build trust and credibility with non-IT peers and executives.

Written by CIO Staff06 Jan. 16 08:50

​NBN upgrades wireless services

NBN, the company rolling out the national broadband network, has upgraded its fixed wireless service, offering 50/20Mbps to homes and business in regional and rural Australia.

Written by CIO Staff07 Dec. 15 10:26

State of the CIO 2015: Make your voice heard

CIO Australia, in conjunction with the CIO Executive Council, is conducting its 14th annual ‘State of the CIO’ study and we need your help.

Written by CIO Staff24 June 15 14:22