Stories by Elana Varon

Blog: Profitability: The IT Strategy-Corporate Innovation Link

How do innovative companies plan their IT? If Marriott International's approach to IT strategy is any indication, such plans bear little resemblance to how most companies align their IT and business strategies. And they're both more and less complex than what you're used to.

Written by Elana Varon18 Sept. 07 11:08

Blog: Being Creative is Hard Work

Thomas Edison is credited with saying that genius is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration. If there's a corollary, it's this: creativity is the product of passion and preparation.

Written by Elana Varon07 Sept. 07 11:43

Blog: FTC Leaks Whole Foods Secrets: It Could Happen to You, Too

The Dallas Business Journal reports that Whole Foods is investigating a leak of proprietary information by the Federal Trade Commission regarding its pursuit of competitor Wild Oats. The FTC filed the documents electronically without redacting them properly, as part of its case to block the merger.

Written by Elana Varon20 Aug. 07 08:08

Why Green IT Is Better IT

The report on global warming issued in February by the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change concludes unequivocally that our planet is getting hotter. And, as we approach Earth Day April 22, the evidence that it's all our fault is stronger than ever

Written by Elana Varon09 April 07 21:13

Federal CIOs vs. corporate CIOs

Discussions about public-sector CIOs often revolve around how their role differs from that of their private-sector IT peers -- for example, the frustrations of working within government bureaucracies. But a recent study by the US Government Accountability Office found that federal CIOs have much in common with their corporate brethren.

Written by Elana Varon02 Dec. 05 21:52

IT on the Campaign Trail

The 2004 US presidential race may well hinge on which party most effectively exploits data mining tools to get out the vote

Written by Elana Varon06 Sept. 04 11:30

For the IRS There’s No Easy Fix

By assembling a star-studded team of vendors, the IRS thought its $US8 billion modernization project would manage itself. The IRS thought wrong. Now the agency’s ability to collect revenue, conduct audits and go after tax evaders has been severely compromised

Written by Elana Varon09 June 04 11:02

Best in Class

By licensing its database research service to business schools worldwide, the Wharton School brand earns high marks

Written by Elana Varon07 April 04 11:10

The Future of the CIO

By 2010, the road to corporate success will run right through IT

Written by Elana Varon06 Feb. 04 09:58

Calculated Risks

Many companies are jumping in to Web services before standards emerge. Sure, there are risks.
Here's how some early adopters are managing them

Written by Elana Varon09 Dec. 03 10:30


By centralising its state IT budget process, establishing a scoring method and instituting value metrics, Iowa has become a national model for gauging project ROI

Written by Elana Varon08 Aug. 03 11:57

From Start to Finish

Three questions for Larry Bossidy, co-author of Execution: the Discipline of Getting Things Done.

Written by Elana Varon05 Feb. 03 14:43

Implementation Is Not for the Meek

Corporate executives have a hard time executing their business strategies because they just aren't tough enough, says strategic planning expert C Davis Fogg. A US-based consultant to blue-chip companies and the author of <i>Implementing Your Strategic Plan</i> (Amacom, 1999), Fogg says strategic plans flop because executives don't follow through. They fail to lead. They fail to hold their employees - or themselves - accountable for results.

Written by Elana Varon09 Dec. 02 11:48

How To Take Control of Your Web Site

Goodyear's Web consolidation project is part of a corporate strategy to run IT globally, rather than locally.

Written by Elana Varon05 Feb. 02 12:56

B2B Exchanges

What You Need to Know About Public and Private Exchanges. The choice isn't just whether to participate in an exchange, but whether to go public, private or a combination of both.

Written by Elana Varon05 Nov. 01 12:15