Stories by Elana Varon

Virtual Mentor - Leaders

A new CIO at a large law firm talks with a veteran about convincing users to adopt and fund new IT, motivating staff, and balancing career and family.

Written by Elana Varon02 April 01 14:00

Raising the Bar

The 2001 Enterprise Value Awards were tough to judge and even tougher to win.

Written by Elana Varon09 Feb. 01 11:37

Suite Returns

Assessing the return on CRM investments can be like driving in a new city without a map. Here's how one company has plotted its course.

Written by Elana Varon25 Aug. 00 13:48

The Langley Files

At the CIA, the secret to knowledge management was hiding in plain sight.

Written by Elana Varon11 Aug. 00 10:06

Human Error

Your ability to think like a politician and a psychologist can mean the difference between success and failure in the biggest project of your career

Written by Elana Varon22 May 00 10:31