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Stories by Al Sacco

What CIOs want in Apple's next-generation smartphone

Though Apple continues to be coy regarding business-minded tweaks to the next iPhone, slated for unveiling next week, enterprise users have plans of their own: They want the iPhone--even if the IT department's still a bit weary.

Written by Al Sacco05 June 08 09:12

Study: Girls find few female role models in IT field

Though technology becomes more pervasive in the lives of young people each day, technology jobs aren't high on the lists of what they want to do when they grow up. Consider the 90 per cent of girls between the ages of 11 and 16 who think computers and cutting edge gadgets are cool, according to a recent survey of 1,000 UK adolescents: Only 28 per cent of those girls are considering careers in the technology industry.

Written by Al Sacco12 May 08 08:03

Blog: Microsoft's Tellme 2.0 Voice Search for BlackBerry: Behind the Buzz

Last week, Microsoft subsidiary Tellme launched an upgraded version of its mobile search application that lets Research In Motion (RIM) BlackBerry users speak into their phones to search the Web for information, maps, driving directions and more via Redmond's Live Search services.

Written by Al Sacco28 April 08 15:34

Blog: VoIP Security Warning: A Hundred Flaws in Three Leading Vendors' Products?

Just how secure is your voice over IP (VoIP) telephony system? If it's from Avaya, Cisco or Nortel, you may be in for a surprise. According to new research, popular products from these leading vendors contain upwards of 100 flaws that could let nogoodniks access your corporate system and steal information, or even launch denial of service (DoS) attacks in attempts to extort money from your company's coffers.

Written by Al Sacco04 April 08 14:36

Blog: Wi-Fi in Planes, Trains and Automobiles: Public Irritation?

Wi-Fi in the US has already made its way onto airplanes and commuter rail trains, and soon the technology will be built directly into the radio units of some new cars. But I'm not so sure that's a good thing. Can't I just disconnect for a few minutes each day? Is that really too much to ask?

Written by Al Sacco28 March 08 15:23

Seven Fantastic Free Windows Mobile Apps

If you're using your Windows Mobile smartphone or Pocket PC with only the out-the-box applications like the media player or calculator, you're missing out on a world of value. Your handheld is, after all, a tiny computer.

Written by Al Sacco18 March 08 08:31

Study: Widescreen Displays Boost Employee Productivity

Can you see your way to wasting less time? One new study says yes: Organizations that upgrade their employees' standard-format monitors to widescreen displays can realize productivity gains equivalent to 76 extra work days a year per worker, as well as annual cost savings of more than $8,600 per staff member, according to a recent survey. (That math assumes a staffer who makes $32,500 annually.)

Written by Al Sacco11 March 08 14:37

Blog: BlackBerry Addiction and You: The Detox Challenge

We've all heard the expression "BlackBerry Addiction." CrackBerry is a common word nowadays. But more often than not, these terms are used in humorous contexts and not to describe real issues that seriously affect people and their loved ones. For many of us, "quitting" our BlackBerrys or smartphones, or simply leaving them at work once in a while, isn't even a consideration. And that's really not good.

Written by Al Sacco04 March 08 10:32

Get Your BlackBerry Black Belt

Margaret Genet knows BlackBerrys. Though officially dubbed "operations analyst", she's the first Aflac employee to hold the unofficial title of "technology concierge". Genet's job number one: Teach executives how to be more efficient with mobile devices and applications

Written by Al Sacco04 Feb. 08 12:54

Blog: BlackBerrys Taking Up More IT Support Time, Effort Than Any Other Mobile Devices??

A recent poll of more than 800 people suggests that IT departments are spending more time and resources supporting Research In Motion (RIM) BlackBerrys than any other mobile devices. In fact, the poll suggests that IT's spending nearly six times as much effort on BlackBerry support than on other mobile gadgets-though there are a number of reasons to question the finding.

Written by Al Sacco09 Jan. 08 11:37

Blog: Gadget from Sanyo, NS-ELEX Makes Ears "Talk" Into on Mobile Phones

Isn't technology grand? Japanese consumer electronics behemoth Sanyo and another lesser-known electronics manufacturer called NS-ELEX have created a mobile phone headset that goes in one ear and not only delivers sound from callers on the other end of the line, but picks up users' voices as well, cutting out ambient noise in the process.

Written by Al Sacco20 Dec. 07 13:13

Blog: Mobile Phones to Transmit Vital Signs to Nurses Thanks to LG, Canadian Researchers

Nowadays it seems like there isn't much mobile phones can't do. Such devices deliver audio driving directions, in both male and female (electronic) voices. Phones with calendar applications remind you to wish your mother a happy birthday. Smartphones keep you connected to necessary corporate and personal information 24/7.

Written by Al Sacco19 Dec. 07 12:27

China to produce 40% of mobile phones in '07

Roughly 500 million of the world's mobile phones, or more than 40 percent of the global total, were or will be produced in China this year, according to the country's Ministry of Information Industry.

Written by Al Sacco06 Dec. 07 18:17