Stories by Jonathan Hassell

Can Microsoft's Azure bring machine learning to the masses?

Machine learning makes software smarter and more aware. It's becoming as integral to our collective computing experience as the Internet itself. But how can developers really get started with it? What's the first step? Microsoft aims to make that leap a little easier with its Azure Machine Learning service.

Written by Jonathan Hassell21 July 15 00:06

SharePoint 2016: What do we know?

At this past spring's Ignite -- Microsoft's new one-stop software conference that combined all of the other domestic technical events into one giant pot of soup -- the software giant revealed some interesting details about SharePoint 2016, the next release of the on-premises version of its collaboration and Office development platform.

Written by Jonathan Hassell14 July 15 23:39

Is Windows Nano Server a data center game-changer?

Back in April, Microsoft somewhat quietly previewed what its Windows Server engineering teams had been working on for quite some time. While it would be easy to write it off as just another iteration in a long line of never-ending releases, Windows Nano Server has the potential to reinvent your data center.

Written by Jonathan Hassell08 July 15 23:41

Skype for Business pros & cons

Reviewer Jonathan Hassell highlights some of the good features and things to watch out for in Microsoft's Skype for Business software/service.

Written by Jonathan Hassell01 July 15 08:48

How peer review leads to quality code

If you could deploy existing resources to improve the quality and timeliness of your software development projects, you'd probably jump at the chance.

Written by Jonathan Hassell23 June 15 05:50

Top 4 revelations about SharePoint

Some of the biggest news to come out of Microsoft Ignite last month was the introduction and the first public demonstration of SharePoint Server 2016 -- a demo that quelled a lot of speculation and uneasiness in the SharePoint administrator community.

Written by Jonathan Hassell19 June 15 02:42

Reactions and impressions from Microsoft Ignite

Microsoft kicked off the Ignite conference yesterday. The event is the combination of its IT pro-oriented TechEd conference along with the smaller Exchange, SharePoint and Lync conferences it had run at various points over the past decade. Here some initial thoughts and impressions of the keynotes and product announcements.

Written by Jonathan Hassell07 May 15 04:19

Talking SMAC: Revisiting social, mobile, analytics and cloud

While SMAC (social, mobile, analytics and cloud ) concept crystalized only in the past couple of years, buy this new area in data warehousing and data analytics has been growing -- and improving -- every day.

Written by Jonathan Hassell05 May 15 03:10

Why Windows 10 isn't the big leap forward Microsoft says it is

As I wrote for Computerworld, Windows 10 has a lot to answer for – and it sets itself up for answering these questions in a big way by skipping a version number and jumping straight to 10 from 8.

Written by Jonathan Hassell10 Oct. 14 00:18

Why Your Company Needs Both a CIO and a CISO

It's past time for all major companies – certainly in the Fortune 500, but the advice carries on down into even medium-sized organizations – to carve out a C-level role focusing solely on security.

Written by Jonathan Hassell17 Sept. 14 23:14

Microsoft's StorSimple: A first look at the 8000 series

One problem that the emergence of Big Data and the Internet of Things has highlighted for all of us in IT: There is data everywhere. On desktops, on servers, in databases, in logs, on phones and tablets, in your pants drawer -- you cannot escape it. Its corollary: The volume of data will continue to grow -- and data needs space. Data needs disk capacity.

Written by Jonathan Hassell03 Sept. 14 23:01

3 Mistaken Assumptions About What Big Data Can Do For You

Big data is certainly all the rage. The Wall Street Journal recently ran a piece on data scientists commanding up to $300,000 per year with very little experience. Clearly the era of embracing big data is here.

Written by Jonathan Hassell19 Aug. 14 23:52

What Does the Future of Work Look Like?

With Microsoft moving into a "mobile first, cloud first" world, an Apple smartwatch coming any day now and everyone else buying into the cloud computing hype, it can be easy to lose sight of what all of these developments do: Drive business forward by enabling employees to be more productive. Essentially, it's about the future of work.

Written by Jonathan Hassell07 Aug. 14 23:12

The truth about enterprises and the public cloud

Many companies look to the public cloud to cut costs, overhead and time to deployment. However, businesses need to understand how dramatically a move to the cloud will affect a key constituency: The IT department.

Written by Jonathan Hassell25 June 14 09:34