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Stories by Liam Tung

Win8 SmartScreen nudges software sellers to buy code signing certs

Microsoft’s SmartScreen ‘reputation checker’ is expanding from the Internet Explorer browser to the entire Windows 8 desktop, nudging developers to buy Extended Validation (EV) code signing certificates to reduce their chances of causing a security alert.

Written by Liam Tung16 Aug. 12 12:25

New hijack threat emerges for DNS Changer victims

Potentially tens of thousands of machines once infected by the DNS Changer may be at risk of hijacking after IP address blocks were reallocated last week.

Written by Liam Tung14 Aug. 12 13:06

Official Australian e-health info page defaced

An apparent trio of ‘hackers’ operating under the LatinHackTeam banner has claimed the Australian Government’s Department of Health and Ageing eHealth education site as its 13,789th ‘defacement‘ victim.

Written by Liam Tung30 May 12 11:41

Syrians, Iranians endangered by key-log tricked proxy

Iranians and Syrians that search the web for a popular censorship evading proxy, ‘Simurgh’, are at risk of downloading a fake, trojanised version of the privacy tool.

Written by Liam Tung30 May 12 11:36

Adobe releases sandboxed Flash beta for Firefox

Adobe has released an important security feature for Flash Player on Firefox 4.0 and higher, delivering a public beta that sandboxes its processes in the browser on Windows.

Written by Liam Tung07 Feb. 12 12:43

Ex-Anon: Good liars undermine information security

Self-exiled, gun-loving ex-Anon, who goes by the name SparkyBlaze on Twitter, claims that skilled liars are the number one concern for information security.

Written by Liam Tung31 Aug. 11 08:21

iPad sings a sad tune for security vendors

Is the cost of Windows security driving people to Apple? Afterall, running a Mac without any security software is inadvisable but running
Windows without any is insane.

Written by Liam Tung22 July 11 18:15

DDoS attacks bolster cloud website optimiser

Enterprise product in the making and ‘loved’ by disbanded hacker group LulzSec.

The constant and very real threat of distributed denial of service
(DDoS) attacks aimed at headline grabbing “hacker” groups, such as
Lulz Security and Anonymous, have helped one tech start-up pick up new

Written by Liam Tung28 June 11 12:22

Iranians faced mass man-in-the-middle on August 28

On 28 August Iranian citizens were subjected to a far reaching cyber snooping operation made possible by an attack on Dutch certificate authority DigiNotar.

Written by Liam Tung06 Sept. 11 06:38

Botnets decentralise after Redmond’s kingpin takedowns

Recent efforts by Microsoft and law enforcement to take down the biggest spamming botnets may have helped fight pharmaceutical companies but they have had little effect on overall spam levels.

Written by Liam Tung19 Aug. 11 08:38

IEEE to create anti-malware “packer” validation system

Standards body the IEEE has called for proposals to build a catalogue of people using binary “packers”, the software tools often used by malware writers to hide executable files from antivirus products.

Written by Liam Tung04 Aug. 11 09:55

Lulzsec: the rise and fall of a hacking collective

The curtain has fallen on the 50 day performance by hacker group LulzSec. Its campaign of mayhem and destruction, peppered with witty commentary captivated the world.
In an alternate universe where Lulzcats reign and anti-security is the norm, it might have even earned a spot on its first target, The X-Factor. But on this earth its members may still be captured by its later targets: the CIA, US law enforcement and the FBI.

Written by Liam Tung12 July 11 19:26