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  • ANZ moves to new costing system

    Given that 60 per cent of transformation projects fail to deliver their objectives, the ANZ bank was keen to focus on customer service and a global outlook when it moved to a new costing system.

    Written by Lisa Banks13 Aug. 10 11:19
  • Customer service key to the future of banking: CIOs

    Mobility, security and outsourcing top the list of technology priorities in the finance sector, according to a panel of IT leaders from ANZ, CBA and Greater Building society.

    Written by Lisa Banks07 May 10 15:59
  • Permanent IT employee numbers set to rise

    Over 40 per cent of employers are likely to increase their number of permanent IT employees during the second quarter of 2010, according to the latest Hudson report.

    Written by Trevor Clarke06 April 10 12:42
  • ANZ loses former tech chief to heart attack

    Former ANZ IT chief Mike Grime passed away after suffering a heart attack in his home in France last Friday. He was 62 years old.

    Written by Darren Pauli20 Jan. 09 12:30