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  • New security tools from Tenable, HP, Co3 attempt the impossible

    Automated incident response is one of the fastest growing fields in computer security. Alternatively called threat monitoring, vulnerability management or threat management, it encompasses the seemingly impossible task of defending a network from active threats as they happen, in addition to detecting every possible vulnerability that could be exploited by an attacker.

    Written by By John Breeden II11 Aug. 14 23:20
  • Big tech firms back Wi-FAR for remote broadband

    Google, Microsoft and Facebook are cranking up an emerging wireless technology known as Wi-FAR to help reduce the digital divide in remote and unconnected regions of the world.

    Written by Matt Hamblen07 Aug. 14 20:34
  • IEEE forms 25G Ethernet study group

    On the heels of the formation of a vendor consortium to promote the need, the IEEE this week said it will explore standardization of 25Gbps Ethernet.

    Written by Jim Duffy23 July 14 03:56
  • What to expect from 11ac's next big deal: multiuser MIMO

    The big deal about 802.11ac, or "gigabit Wi-Fi," is the promise of much higher speeds for Wi-Fi clients compared to the maximums under 802.11n today. But 11ac is actually several big deals, including something called multiuser MIMO [my-moe], which is part of the "Wave 2" 11ac features expected later this year.

    Written by John Cox07 July 14 22:55
  • LTE smartphone specs shoot-out: Nokia Lumia 635 vs. EE Kestrel

    The options are increasing for people who want an LTE smartphone, but don't want to spend a fortune or sign an expensive contract. Two new alternatives that won't drain wallets are Nokia's Lumia 635 and the Huawei-made Kestrel.

    Written by Mikael Ricknäs03 April 14 21:56
  • 7 free iPad business apps to get you started

    If you're new to the Apple iPad, there are a wealth of iOS apps designed for the tablet. Here are seven free business apps to experiment with, and to get you productive out of the gate:

    Written by John Cox27 March 14 18:13
  • $160 dollar smartphone gives a glimpse of LTE's future

    The £99 (US$160) price for U.K. carrier EE's smartphone Kestrel without a contract gives a glimpse of a future with low-cost LTE devices, and is also an aggressive move by Qualcomm as competition in the chipset sector increases.

    Written by Mikael Ricknäs27 March 14 17:22
  • Nine free cloud storage options for small businesses

    Using the cloud can bring advantages that could be extra enticing for a small business. Instead of having to invest in hardware to store your files and applications, why not use the cloud? Instead of emailing documents back and forth, why not centrally store them in the cloud?

    Written by Brandon Butler27 March 14 10:37
  • 5 free Ethernet tools you should check out

    Nothing in life is free – except some tools to help you manage and improve the performance of your Ethernet networks. Here are five we found to do just that:

    Written by Jim Duffy26 March 14 11:12
  • Free data science courses from Johns Hopkins, Duke, Stanford

    If you've thought about trying to boost your data skills, check out Coursera's catalog of free classes. In particular, Johns Hopkins is about to start a nine-class specialization in data science.

    Written by Ann Bednarz26 March 14 11:12
  • Trial Microsoft software and services – for FREE!

    Microsoft gives potential customers the chance to test drive some of its most popular software and services via free trials that ultimately make for better buying decisions.

    Written by Tim Greene25 March 14 19:16
  • UK mobile operators join forces to combat text spam

    U.K. mobile network operators EE, O2, Three and Vodafone have teamed up with the U.K. Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) to try to stop and punish companies that are sending spam text messages.

    Written by Mikael Ricknäs20 March 14 12:34