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  • Offshore outsourcing fails as election issue

    WASHINGTON - Democratic candidates clubbed their Republican opponents in two of this year's election campaigns about their offshore outsourcing records, but to no apparent help.

    Written by Patrick Thibodeau06 Nov. 14 06:33
  • CIOs Tasked With Federal IT Overhaul Battle Culture and Bureaucracy

    WASHINGTON -- Federal agencies large and small are in the midst of a wave of ambitious IT projects, but their relative success hinges in large part on the ability of the CIO to align the technology overhaul with the organization's mission and to secure the support of senior management.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin24 Oct. 14 01:17
  • Open Internet Central to U.S. Trade Policy

    WASHINGTON -- U.S. cloud providers have ambitious designs on foreign markets, but overseas expansion has been slowed by a number of obstacles, ranging from privacy worries over government surveillance activities to policies that impede cross-border data flows.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin29 Sept. 14 23:43
  • Health IT Backers Press Congress for Clearer Roadmaps

    Dozens of health IT advocates from around the country made the rounds on Capitol Hill this week, meeting with lawmakers and staffers to press for an array of policies to advance e-health initiatives.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin20 Sept. 14 02:35
  • CIO of Defense Department Agency Cautions Against Rush to Cloud

    WASHINGTON -- For all the enthusiasm surrounding the government's move to the cloud -- and there's no shortage -- one prominent federal CIO is emphatic that cloud computing, for all its virtues, is no panacea for the government's technology challenges.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin13 Sept. 14 00:23
  • Chief data officer may go the way of chief electricity officer

    The U.S. Commerce Department plans to hire a chief data officer , whose job will be to make more of the department's data publicly available. Whoever takes the job will be part of an exclusive club.

    Written by Patrick Thibodeau25 Aug. 14 20:20
  • Brocade Pitches Open Networking to Cash-Strapped Feds

    WASHINGTON -- If storage and compute power can be purchased on a usage-based pricing model, like a utility, then why can't networking follow the same path? Moreover, why shouldn't that network run on an open architecture that fosters competition among multiple service providers?

    Written by Kenneth Corbin18 Aug. 14 23:45
  • White House's new IT engineer is sharp, witty, and blunt

    If the White House learned one thing from the Healthcare.gov debacle, it was that the website needs clear-thinking people who can see a problem for what it is. Mikey Dickerson may just be that person.

    Written by Computerworld Staff13 Aug. 14 06:28
  • The Internet of Things brings far-reaching security threats

    Security pros routinely cite poor cyber hygiene as one of their top concerns. But if they're lying awake at night worried about lazy passwords and software updates going ignored, just think of the headaches that will come once thermostats, pacemakers and just about everything else comes online.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin08 Aug. 14 22:53
  • Microsoft Urges Partners to Court Public-Sector Customers

    WASHINGTON -- As thousands of its global partners descend on the nation's capital, Microsoft is urging its systems integrators, OEMs and other members of its sprawling ecosystem to consider business opportunities with public-sector organizations.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin17 July 14 04:06
  • Meet Diesel, a cute dog and organic robot

    Diesel, a Labrador Retriever, appears to live in a perpetual state of glee and is unbothered by the electronics-packed vest he is wearing.

    Written by Patrick Thibodeau13 June 14 05:47