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  • 5 Things Cloud Providers Need to Know About Selling to the Government

    Selling cloud services to the federal government is a rigorous process. Documentation, not to the mention the word 'No,' play a big part. Here veterans of the FedRAMP cloud certification process share some tips and dispel some myths.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin04 March 14 17:17
  • NOAA wants to turn its ocean of data into jobs

    From ocean sensors to orbiting satellites, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration collects about 30 petabytes of environmental data a year. Now it wants ideas about how best to use what its collected.

    Written by Patrick Thibodeau25 Feb. 14 21:54
  • From idea to app in Washington's tech land

    Jeff Godin had a good job as a police dispatcher in Chester County, Penn., but quit to work full-time on other projects, including building an app for police and emergency professionals.

    Written by Patrick Thibodeau10 Feb. 14 21:18
  • iPhone 6 rumour rollup for the week ending February 3

    There's nothing like a document, with quotable information, to get the iOSphere's juices and rumors flowing. One document that surfaced this week fueled anew rumors that the iPhone 6 will have the almost scratch-proof synthetic sapphire screen.

    Written by John Cox03 Feb. 14 15:13
  • Is the Federal Government Ready to Embrace the Cloud?

    Bipartisan duo forms Cloud Computing Caucus to promote government IT transition, while leading private-sector firms convene an advisory group to help spread the gospel about the cloud.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin16 Jan. 14 19:52
  • Healthcare.gov agency seeks CTO, starting pay: $119K

    Are you seeking a job in an IT department that recently drew the ire of the President of the United States? If so, you might be interested in the job of CTO at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

    Written by Patrick Thibodeau07 Jan. 14 21:31
  • Judge hits IBM in CIA cloud case

    IBM was accused by a federal court of "gamesmanship" in its bid for the CIA's cloud computing contract. The accusation is part of a ruling unsealed Friday.

    Written by Patrick Thibodeau08 Nov. 13 20:34
  • Senate looks to push U.S. gov't data center consolidations

    Federal agencies aren't moving fast enough to consolidate government data centers, according to U.S. lawmakers. So they're pushing a bipartisan bill that sets "hard deadlines" to move the effort forward.

    Written by Patrick Thibodeau08 Nov. 13 11:38
  • 'War Room' notes describe IT chaos at Healthcare.gov

    On the morning of Oct. 1 in Washington, temperatures in the low 80s were expected, the Republican-engineered federal shutdown was in its first day, and a Healthcare.gov "War Room" team gathered for a meeting. They kept notes.

    Written by Patrick Thibodeau07 Nov. 13 11:38