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  • ​6 ways to avoid tech contract disputes

    IT project failures have not abated. Many have common themes. There are some practical steps you can take to better protect your legal position in the event of a problem

    Written by Phil Catania and Arvind Dixit19 Nov. 15 12:09
  • Boards, not IT, should govern technology

    Company boards must maintain responsibility for governing large IT projects rather than give up control to the IT department, according to IT industry veteran, Russell Yardley.

    Written by Bonnie Gardiner11 Aug. 15 14:29
  • Cutting complexity in tech transformations

    More IT programs fail than succeed. Although they begin with good intentions, they’re often late, over budget, and don't provide what is required.

    Written by Pankaj Chitkara11 June 14 10:57
  • Inside South Australia's e-health transformation project

    Rolling out a state-wide electronic health record system is no mean feat for the CIO of SA Health, David Johnston. The government organisation last month switched on its Enterprise Patient Administration System (EPAS) that is set to transform 12 hospitals across South Australia.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett10 Sept. 13 10:00
  • Avoiding project ambiguity

    Historically, organisational and change management issues related to IT projects were often under-estimated or ignored entirely. In fact, people issues collectively accounted for the majority of project failures.

    Written by Daniel Lock27 Aug. 13 15:01