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  • Tech Ed: Women in IT

    Out of the 2500-odd IT professionals and developers at this year's Microsoft Tech Ed on the Gold Coast, only about 200 are women. The attendance of women is up 50 per cent from last year, but it's still a far cry from the number of men pouring through the doors.

    Written by Kathryn Edwards09 Sept. 09 15:46
  • Slideshow: TechEd 2009

    Photos from Microsoft's annual IT professional meet

    Written by Kathryn Edwards09 Sept. 09 15:09
  • Microsoft pips Google to secure student email deal at Curtin

    Western Australia-based Curtin University of Technology will soon begin its roll-out of Microsoft’s Live@edu hosted email platform, taking over 192,252 students and alumni across 11 global campuses, into the cloud for a future collaborative learning environment.

    Written by Kathryn Edwards08 Sept. 09 08:00
  • Microsoft wants people to throw Windows 7 launch parties

    A new version of Windows is not typically a reason to throw a party, but Microsoft is hoping people will do just that to celebrate Windows 7, and has teamed with House Party to help them do so.

    Written by Elizabeth Montalbano04 Sept. 09 04:22
  • Microsoft: Upgrade Messenger or else

    Microsoft will force an upgrade on users of its Windows Live Messenger instant messaging software in September to plug a hole the company introduced when a programmer added an extra character to a code library.

    Written by Gregg Keizer01 Sept. 09 08:01
  • Microsoft promises patch for critical Web server bug

    Microsoft yesterday said it is working on a patch for a bug in its popular Web server software, but it's unlikely the company will field a fix fast enough to make next week's regular release, a security expert predicted.

    Written by Gregg Keizer03 Sept. 09 06:23
  • Windows 7 enabled netbooks for schools to include open source software

    The 267,000 Windows 7 based netbooks that the NSW Government has started rolling out to high schools will come pre-installed with open source software. The initial roll out that began today will see the 70,000 Year 9 students in NSW schools have a Windows 7 enabled Lenovo IdeaPad S10e by the end of this year.

    Written by Dahna McConnachie26 Aug. 09 15:37
  • Microsoft expands Office antipiracy 'nagging'

    Microsoft Corp. today announced it was expanding an antipiracy program for Office to the U.S., the U.K. and 11 other countries that will identify pirated copies of the suite and nag users with on-screen messages.

    Written by Gregg Keizer26 Aug. 09 05:43
  • Snow Leopard vs. Win 7: Battle Begins August 28

    Apple's latest operating system update, Mac OSX Snow Leopard, should be ready to roll on August 28, and while Apple says the new OS is "refined, not reinvented," it'll become the de facto competitor to Microsoft Windows 7 come October. We love a good argument, so here's your fodder: five innovations for each OS being touted by their respective makers.

    Written by Jared Newman25 Aug. 09 02:17
  • Report: Microsoft, Yahoo, Amazon to fight Google book deal

    Microsoft, and Yahoo plan to join a consortium to fight a proposed settlement Google has made with authors and publishers over its Google Book Search service, according to a report published in The New York Times.

    Written by Agam Shah21 Aug. 09 10:10