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  • Follow the money — Revlon's private Cloud

    Think of a brand such as Revlon and words such as ‘glamour’ and ‘excitement’ are far more likely to come to mind than terms such as virtual machines and private Cloud infrastructure.

    Written by Georgina Swan13 Dec. 11 09:00
  • Beware Cloud computing advice from IT research firms

    I don't know how I missed this, but at the Gartner IT Symposium in October, Darryl Plummer (Chief of Gartner Cloud Research) apparently stated that enterprises should deploy applications in a public cloud provider as a default, and only deploy them in a private cloud if the public alternative is not appropriate.

    Written by Bernard Golden10 Dec. 11 02:23
  • IT investment up in 2011: IDC

    Investing in new hardware and software has been the number one priority for IT managers and chief information officers in 2011 for the first time in five years, according to a new IDC Australia report.

    Written by Hamish Barwick07 Dec. 11 08:51
  • First look: VMware vSphere 5 looms large

    As we rapidly approach yet another VMworld conference and the general release of VMware vSphere 5, it's clear that VMware hasn't been resting on its laurels. The newest version of vSphere builds on the strong foundations of vSphere 4.1, showcasing new management and automation features and levels of scalability.

    Written by Paul Venezia23 Aug. 11 20:10
  • Aussie Cloud adoption can be accelerated with BizCloud

    Australian businesses looking to move to the Cloud may experience shorter implementation times following the launch of BizCloud, an on-premise private Cloud service from business technology provider, CSC.

    Written by Hamish Barwick16 Aug. 11 16:42
  • Hyundai goes all virtual, desktops next target

    Virtualisation is still growing strong among IT departments, but at the Australian operations of Hyundai cars, the company is running a 100 per cent virtual infrastructure and the IT head is liking the lack of support calls.

    Written by Rodney Gedda01 Aug. 11 15:49
  • HP's Leo Apotheker: We're heading to the cloud

    A day after Hewlett-Packard CEO Leo Apotheker outlined his strategic vision for HP -- a plan chock-full of new cloud offerings -- he sat down with IDG Enterprise Chief Content Officer John Gallant and InfoWorld Editor in Chief Eric Knorr to share his thoughts on a wide variety of issues in this latest installment of the IDGE CEO Interview Series. In this conversation, Apotheker, who's been with HP just over four months, talked about why HP is better positioned than IBM to help customers deliver on the promise of cloud and how he plans to rapidly eclipse the likes of IBM, Oracle, and others in the analytics market. (Short answer: Apotheker will leave old-school BI to the other players. HP's focus will be on analytics and Big Data.)

    Written by John Gallant and Eric Knorr17 March 11 01:16
  • Salmat to embark on massive data centre consolidation

    Australian customer communications solution company Salmat (ASX: SLM) is in the planning stages of shrinking 35 data centre sites across the country down to just two.

    Written by Hamish Barwick04 Feb. 11 16:48
  • CA Technologies localises on-demand project management

    In the latest of a spate of local Cloud moves, CA Technologies will deploy its project management service in Australia and New Zealand, storing data locally through Fujitsu.

    Written by Computerworld Staff24 Jan. 11 11:52
  • HP's private Cloud moves local

    Technology giant HP will begin pushing its 'Utility Services' private Cloud model in the Australian market from early next year, with plans to provide virtualisation business applications from the likes of Microsoft, Oracle and SAP.

    Written by Renai LeMay16 Dec. 10 14:41
  • Corporate Express deploys Cisco infrastructure

    Business support specialist Corporate Express has deployed Cisco’s combined server and network infrastructure as part of plans to fully implement virtualisation and private cloud computing within its operations.

    Written by Renai LeMay26 Oct. 10 15:01
  • Qantas looks to cloudy skies

    Chris Seller is Qantas' chief IT architect and head of Operations for its Corporate Services and Technology division. The executive is a veteran of the airline, having held senior IT roles within its ranks for over a decade, including as the head of IT for its Jetstar subsidiary. Seller took some time out recently to speak about Qantas' cloud computing strategy and the issue in general.

    Written by Renai LeMay26 Oct. 10 12:00
  • Westpac deploys VCE private cloud

    Top-tier Australian bank Westpac this afternoon revealed it had over the past year deployed its own private cloud computing facility within its operations, working closely with the VMware, Cisco and EMC cloud consortium to do so.

    Written by Renai LeMay12 Oct. 10 16:31
  • Private-cloud technologies: Five things you need to know

    Your cloud may not be a cloud. Private cloud computing goes beyond rebranding virtualization. Virtualization is an enabling technology, but public cloud applications are attractive because of their flexibility and pay-as-you-go nature. What are you doing to bring those characteristics within your firewall? If your infrastructure is virtual, but you're managing virtual machines the same way you've always managed servers, maybe your cloud isn't really a cloud.

    Written by David F. Carr30 Sept. 10 07:05