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  • Survey: Facebook, Twitter banned by most employers

    Employers are increasingly putting the brakes on employee use of social networking sites on the job, according to a new survey. The research, released Wednesday by ScanSafe, a provider of SaaS Web security, said its data shows more employers are blocking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The results run counter to a story published by CSO in March 2009 that cites research which found most employers do allow access to Web 2.0 in the office.

    Written by Joan Goodchild20 Aug. 09 03:33
  • Report Finds Reliability in URL Shorteners

    On Twitter, URL shorteners have become vastly important. With the 140 character constraints for each tweet, we wouldn't have the freedom to share a link and explain its significance without them. It turns out, not URL shorteners are created equal, either.

    Written by C.G. Lynch20 Aug. 09 07:02
  • UberTwitter BlackBerry Twitter app fiasco

    BlackBerry applications for social networking/microblogging service Twitter aren't exactly hard to come by. In the past year or so, a variety of quality Twitter apps for BlackBerry smartphones hit the Web, both free and commercial, including TweetGenius, SocialScope and UberTwitter.

    Written by Al Sacco14 Aug. 09 04:56
  • Facebook's new search engine: what you need to know

    Facebook rolled out changes to its search engine yesterday that let you query the service for status messages and other pieces of content that people post to the social network. The move reflects Facebook's desire to compete with Twitter, where people increasingly turn to share information about current events, such as the recent disputed election in Iran.

    Written by C.G. Lynch12 Aug. 09 02:52
  • UK government departments guided on Tweeting

    The UK government has launched a policy document to explain how to use <a href="">Twitter</a>.

    Written by Siobhan Chapman29 July 09 23:34
  • Twitter tips: how to search Twitter smarter

    It's easy to miss little gems of information on Twitter, the social networking service that allows users to exchange short messages. Because we all can't spend hours in front of the service, we miss important messages (or tweets) posted by colleagues, friends and family while we're away. As the list of people you follow on Twitter grows, the problem becomes more acute: hundreds of messages pass by and flow off the page before you've even had a chance to look at them.

    Written by C.G. Lynch04 Aug. 09 05:55
  • Getting a mentor and tips on Twitter, job references

    You don't need to be a recent college grad or mid-level employee to benefit from a mentor. In fact, says Caroline Simard, director of research at the Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology and coauthor of Mentoring in a Box, mentoring is shown to increase future earnings, promotions, job satisfaction and retention regardless of your career stage. "It's especially important now because as Baby Boomers prepare to retire, there's this whole knowledge transfer that needs to happen," she says. Here's how to find an outside mentor and get the most from that relationship.

    Written by Kristin Burnham29 July 09 03:33
  • TechCrunch quits trickling Twitter docs

    TechCrunch concluded its days-long drip of <a href="">stolen Twitter documents</a> with details on the company's conversations with Google and Microsoft.

    Written by Jared Newman18 July 09 02:30
  • TweetPsych builds a psychological profile based on Tweets

    If Twitter is voyeuristic, then TweetPsych takes it to a whole new level. Based on your last thousand tweets (or those of someone you're interested in knowing a deeper understanding of), TweetPsych builds a psychological profile, indicating a score and in some cases an interpretation of your score within various cognitive or emotional parameters.

    Written by Mike Keller18 July 09 04:03
  • PM begins blogging

    In a move that may suggest greater use of Web 2.0 tools by the federal government, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has begun blogging.

    Written by Tim Lohman17 July 09 16:01
  • 5 Facebook, Twitter scams to avoid

    <em>According to research recently conducted by security firm Webroot, approximately three in ten social network users have experienced some form of a security attack, such as a virus infection or a phishing scam, on a social network in the last year. As the popularity of these social networks explodes, and more organizations ease restrictions among employees (See: ), they become more attractive for criminals seeking access to private information that can be used for profit. CSO asked two social network security experts for some of the latest scams found on Facebook and Twitter, and how to recognize and avoid them (For more tips to stay safe see: Seven Deadly Sins of Social Networking).</em> <a href=""/>

    Written by Joan Goodchild14 July 09 05:38
  • How 3 year olds consume media: the new shock report

    Yesterday everyone was reporting the <a href=";">startling report by 15-year-old Morgan Stanley intern Matthew Robson</a>, which stated that today's teenagers don't use Twitter, prefer Walkmans to Apple iPhones (and PCs to Macs), and choose to pirate PC games than buy a console.

    Written by Simon Jary15 July 09 04:18
  • Anyone want to buy Twitter?

    Despite Twitter's popularity and ballooning public image, the micro-blogging site may never be able to turn a profit. That was the prevailing attitude at Allen & Co's Sun Valley, Idaho media conference, where the topic du jour was Twitter. None of the old school media moguls in attendance seemed optimistic about its profitability and others flat-out said they would not be interested in buying.

    Written by Brennon Slattery10 July 09 00:13
  • Seven deadly sins of social networking security

    Admit it: You are currently addicted to social networking. Your drug of choice might be Facebook or Twitter, or maybe Myspace or LinkedIn. Some of you are using all of the above, and using them hard, even IT security practitioners who know better.

    Written by Bill Brenner01 July 09 03:05