Exposing 2 cloud and AI myths

If you think the cloud will drive data centres to extinction and that AI projects are doomed to fail, think again.

Written by Matt Asay23 Jan. 20 11:10

How to back up Kubernetes and Docker

You don’t have to back up everything about every container, but it’s important to back up configurations.

Written by W. Curtis Preston17 Jan. 20 16:00

Serverless computing: ready or not?

Like any disruptive technology, serverless computing is surrounded by plenty of hope and hype.

Written by John Edwards15 Jan. 20 11:20

Pandas 1.0 brings big breaking changes

The first major point release of the powerful Python data analysis package removes many features and deprecates many others

Written by Serdar Yegulalp11 Jan. 20 01:39
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