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Stories by Sharon Gaudin

Facebook loses 6M U.S. users in May

Facebook may continue to gain users, but the world's biggest social network isn't gaining them as quickly as it has been and is actually losing users in the U.S.

Written by Sharon Gaudin14 June 11 04:35

Facebook may have privacy battle on two fronts

Facebook said it's working with European Union regulators to resolve criticism about its new facial recognition feature, but trouble may also be brewing for the social network here in the U.S.

Written by Sharon Gaudin10 June 11 03:11

Facebook stirs privacy ire with facial recognition

Facebook's move to enable facial recognition across its entire social networking site is raising some eyebrows - and possibly some legal woes -- over its privacy implications.

Written by Sharon Gaudin09 June 11 07:06

So far, so good with World IPv6 Day

With World IPV6 Day in full swing, the test flight of the Internet's new communications protocol is going smoothly.

Written by Sharon Gaudin09 June 11 05:31

Facebook raring to give IPv6 a test flight

After helping to hatch the plan for World IPv6 Day set for Wednesday, a senior network engineer at Facebook is raring to test the site's reworked network.

Written by Sharon Gaudin08 June 11 06:16

So, why are senior U.S. officials using Gmail?

When Google announced that hackers had gone after Gmail users, the company noted that they specifically targeted U.S. government officials and military personnel.

Written by Sharon Gaudin04 June 11 06:21

NASA bids farewell to Endeavour, tees up Atlantis

After 19 years and 25 space flights, NASA's space shuttle Endeavour returned to Earth from a 16-day mission early this morning, ending its storied career.

Written by Sharon Gaudin02 June 11 02:35

Google notes social failures, and touts its social advances

Just as Google releases its +1 button to the Web, many industry watchers are scratching their heads after hearing former CEO Eric Schmidt admit that he missed the boat on social networking.

Written by Sharon Gaudin02 June 11 07:04

NASA astronauts complete space station work

NASA astronauts Friday wrapped up the fourth and final spacewalk of space shuttle Endeavour's last mission, moving a robotic arm from the space shuttle to its new home onboard the International Space Station.

Written by Sharon Gaudin28 May 11 02:30

NASA astronauts boost robotics on space station

NASA astronauts prepared today for their fourth and final spacewalk during the space shuttle Endeavour's last mission to the International Space Station.

Written by Sharon Gaudin27 May 11 05:36

Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' overwhelms Amazon

Amazon.com came up with a good marketing idea in its battle against Apple's iTunes, but it worked almost too well as execs vastly underestimated the sheer might of Lady Gaga fans.

Written by Sharon Gaudin25 May 11 06:16