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Stories by Robert L. Mitchell

Ad blockers: A solution or a problem?

Ad blockers can make websites cleaner and faster for users, but they can also take a nasty bite out of advertising revenue. How popular are they, and what can site publishers do about them?

Written by Robert L. Mitchell15 Jan. 14 11:34

Gotcha! FBI launches new biometric systems to nail criminals

Nearly 80 years after it began collecting fingerprints on index cards as a way to identify criminals, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is moving to a new system that improves the accuracy and performance of its existing setup while adding more biometrics.

Written by Robert L. Mitchell19 Dec. 13 14:26

8 sure-fire ways to screw up a cloud contract

Cloud licensing's become so complex that it's easy to pay too much or get burned later on. Here are some tips to make sure you're getting your money's worth.

Written by Robert L. Mitchell19 Nov. 13 12:23

Iris ID systems go mainstream

Dropping prices, fast processing speeds and more user-friendly designs have given a boost to this highly accurate biometric technology.

Written by Robert L. Mitchell04 Nov. 13 10:05

It's criminal: Why data sharing lags among law enforcement agencies

In 2008 the FBI's Criminal Justice Information Services division (CJIS) embarked on an ambitious effort to enable information sharing among every federal, state, tribal and local law enforcement agency in the United States. It launched the National Data Exchange (N-DEx), an $85 million data warehouse project, and waited for the data to roll in. Kevin Reid, the program manager at that time, expected the majority of agencies to be voluntarily participating by 2009 -- two years ahead of plan.

Written by Robert L. Mitchell24 Oct. 13 14:25

Predictive policing gets personal

Some localities are shying away from predicting who will commit a crime, even though the technology exists, in favor of when and where.

Written by Robert L. Mitchell24 Oct. 13 10:31

Why green IT is good for business

IT is uniquely positioned to drive green IT projects by identifying opportunities for operational efficiency -- and helping to build the business case.

Written by Robert L. Mitchell21 Oct. 13 10:04

Forget fingerprints: Your iris is your new identity

At the entrance to The Vault, the most secure room within the most protected building operated by security services provider, Symantec, an iris recognition system stands guard as the last line of defense.

Written by Robert L. Mitchell30 Sept. 13 14:33

Buried in software licensing

David Steinour is at his wit's end with enterprise software cost increases. In each of the past three years, the CIO at George Washington University (GWU) watched his annual maintenance and support costs for Oracle Financials and related enterprise software jump by at least 10%.

Written by Robert L. Mitchell12 Aug. 13 16:46

12 predictive analytics screw-ups

Data mining experts share stories of failure from the trenches and lessons learned.

Written by Robert L. Mitchell24 July 13 11:52

What IT recruiters know about you - whether you're looking or not

What recruiters know about you is about to get a whole lot deeper than what you put on your resume. An emerging class of search engines is taking a big data approach to recruiting by crawling the Web for every bit of data about you, assembling it into a master profile, rating your knowledge, skill levels and interests, and serving it up to recruiters who can filter it by location, skill, the school you attended and a range of other criteria.

Written by Robert L. Mitchell16 July 13 15:09