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Stories by Robert L. Mitchell

Cloud promises savings, delivers speed

In the time it takes to get a cup of coffee, any one of the hundreds of engineers and developers at mobile computing chip-maker Qualcomm Inc. can provision himself a new server -- one that's fully configured with compute, storage, networking, middleware and other resources. "You can get something provisioned within 15 minutes," says Matthew Clark, senior director of IT.

Written by Robert L. Mitchell14 Sept. 10 00:03

Who Should Lead BPM Projects?

Who should lead a business performance management project: IT, finance or both? For Lisa Mullaney, former director of Chiquita's financial planning and analysis group, the answer was clear: "This is an application and a tool set that is owned by finance."

Written by Robert L. Mitchell10 Aug. 10 04:44

Microsoft gets its Exchange cloud in order

Microsoft has been ramping up its cloud-based Exchange Online offering for its largest customers -- even though that may mean cannibalizing its own on-premises Exchange Server installed base.

Written by Robert L. Mitchell29 April 10 07:43

Networks go green and save money

Servers get most of the glory when it comes to energy management, but networking gear is about to catch up.

Written by Robert L. Mitchell22 April 10 07:37

Analysis: Would you like a data center with that server?

Faced with the continued commoditization of servers, IT vendors this year will try to differentiate their offerings by moving toward more highly integrated, unified compute platforms.

Written by Robert L. Mitchell20 Jan. 10 08:03

Step 2: Virtual Server Consolidation

OK, you've virtualized as much as you can. Now what? Consolidating physical servers through virtualization doesn't address underlying complexities because it doesn't reduce the total number of servers you're managing. Here are three tips for taking it to the next level.

Written by Robert L. Mitchell30 Dec. 09 05:16

Forecast 2010: Servers get a makeover in 2010

The recession may have forced Media General Inc. to scale back its grand plans for server virtualization in 2009, but like many other businesses, the communications company is planning a major push to make up lost ground this year.

Written by Robert L. Mitchell30 Dec. 09 05:15

Hijacked Web sites attack visitors

Here's the scenario: Attackers compromise a major brand's Web site. But instead of stealing customer records, the attacker installs malware that infects the computers of thousands of visitors to the site. The issue goes unnoticed until it's exposed publicly.

Written by Robert L. Mitchell20 Oct. 09 03:48

Scams & shams: The trouble with social networks

It's hard to understand who in their right mind would want to incur the wrath of "Triple H," the intimidating superstar of professional wrestling. But when a poser created a fraudulent MySpace account in Triple H's name, it wasn't the wrestler that the perpetrator had to contend with.

Written by Robert L. Mitchell20 Oct. 09 03:45

Twit nits: 12 top Twitter annoyances

Twitter's popularity may have exploded over the past year, but its feature set continues to evolve at a seemingly glacial pace. New users quickly realize that they need to shop around in the Twitter developer ecosystem for add-on software and Web-based services that fill in missing features and address the annoyances that the microblogging service's deficiencies present.

Written by Robert L. Mitchell24 Sept. 09 08:27

Data centers go underground

As Hurricane Ike bore down on Houston one Friday last September, the Continental Airlines' flight operations center, located on the 14th floor of a glass-sided downtown high rise, suddenly went dark. For the airline's pilots and flight crews, however, business proceeded as usual.

Written by Robert L. Mitchell29 July 09 08:20

What the Web knows about you

She had me at hello ... or just about. Our conversation had barely started when privacy activist Betty Ostergren interrupted me to say that she had found my full name, address, Social Security number and a digital image of my signature on the Web.

Written by Robert L. Mitchell28 Jan. 09 08:12

E-medical records: What seems to be the problem?

It's been about three years since San Diego's five major hospitals first convened to discuss sharing electronic medical record data in an effort to improve diagnoses, reduce errors and improve the quality of patient care. The group held several meetings and entered discussions with a vendor as a possible corporate sponsor -- and that was that.

Written by Robert L. Mitchell16 July 08 12:22

Q&A: IT is a moving target for Six Flags CIO

With 20 parks and nearly US$1 billion in sales, Six Flags is the second-largest amusement park operator in the world. Since coming to Six Flags as part of a management reorganization two years ago, CIO Michael Israel has overseen a bottom-up rebuilding of the IT architecture in the parks and in the company's data center, which moved from New York to Dallas. Israel describes the amusement park business as a shopping mall with rides. "Spend per attendee is everything," he says.

Written by Robert L. Mitchell06 May 08 10:36