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Stories by Thomas Wailgum

What is ERP? Definition and FAQs

ERP combines software systems from departments like finance, human resources and warehouse management into a single, integrated software program that runs off a single database so that the various departments can more easily share information and collaborate. It's a tall order, but that integrated approach can have a tremendous payback if companies install the software correctly.

Written by Thomas Wailgum15 July 17 07:43

CRM definition and solutions

Get up to speed on customer relationship management, with CRM definitions, solutions and strategies.

Written by Thomas Wailgum19 April 17 07:48

Five best practices for implementing SaaS CRM

With more frequent upgrades, faster deployment, lower upfront costs and high acceptance by employee end users, customer demand for CRM SaaS applications shows no signs of slowing down. CFO World outlines five critical strategies that have enabled companies to "capitalize on SaaS".

Written by Thomas Wailgum08 June 12 12:01

SAP's not-so-secret weapon: Its own CIO

Before Oliver Bussmann took the job of CIO of SAP in September 2009, he Googled the terms "SAP" and "CIO" in hopes of finding out about the top tech role as it existed then.

Written by Thomas Wailgum15 Dec. 10 04:51

Greenpeace rates climate-change leaders and laggards

Greenpeace International released the fourth version of its "Cool IT Leaderboard" on Tuesday, and Cisco, Ericsson and Fujitsu ranked atop the list of 17 global high-tech companies.

Written by Thomas Wailgum10 Dec. 10 05:12

Techs for the memories: What did we do before...

We take so much technology for granted today, but it wasn't that long ago that laptops, ATMs, cell phones and the Internet didn't exist-and hold enormous sway over our day to day lives.

Written by Thomas Wailgum02 Dec. 10 06:29

SAP's co-CEOs: Are two heads better than one?

For most people in the United States and several million others around the globe, Sunday, Feb. 7, 2010, was a day to sit back on the couch and enjoy another Super Bowl Sunday chock full of overeating and morning-to-night football coverage.

Written by Thomas Wailgum24 Nov. 10 04:48

10 most exaggerated tech terms

So much in the high-tech world that should be factually airtight-as in: it's either 4G speed or it's not-is, instead, always up for marketing's misappropriation, your CEO's hyperbolic exaggeration or a sales rep's truth bending.

Written by Thomas Wailgum18 Nov. 10 03:32

How one CIO remains in lock-step with the business

Every Thursday afternoon at 1:30 p.m., Tom Uva's senior IT team gathers in his office. They do not assemble to shoot the breeze or grumble about the potent weather in Syracuse, N.Y., where their company, Sensis, an aerospace and defense manufacturer selling to a host of three-letter acronym U.S. government agencies, is headquartered.

Written by Thomas Wailgum17 Nov. 10 06:16

Supply chain talent: In demand and out of stock?

One critical shortage in the supply chain right now has nothing to do with Apple iPhones, Nintendo Wiis or Zhu Zhu Pets being out of stock for the holidays: It's the people who manage companies' supply chains.

Written by Thomas Wailgum16 Nov. 10 05:55

Biggest barriers to business analytics adoption: People

Business analytics is atop most companies' apps wish lists. The business goal, of course, is to make sense of the enormous amount of data and information housed in their servers -- and stop making critical decisions from the gut.

Written by Thomas Wailgum12 Nov. 10 06:01

Your CEO's 2011 agenda: What CIOs need to know

What's atop CEOs' agendas for 2011? Gartner analysts recently outlined the top CEO concerns that CIOs will need to identify, understand and address.

Written by Thomas Wailgum05 Nov. 10 05:45

CIO.com teardown: Oracle CEO Larry Ellison

Everyone loves it when the tech engineers at iFixit or iSuppli tear down new and old technologies to see the tech that's under the proverbial hood.

Written by Thomas Wailgum03 Nov. 10 02:35