Stories by Tim Greene

10 steps to easier access management

NEW YORK -- A CISO who spent two years organizing identity and access management for the 15,000 users on his network boiled the whole experience down into a 10-step process he presented at the Security Standard Conference this week.

Written by Tim Greene15 Sept. 10 01:36

Do security regulations hinder business?

Government needs to better understand the realities of running profitable businesses -- and quickly -- as it imposes security regulations that can affect the profitability of corporations battling in a competitive environment.

Written by Tim Greene14 Sept. 10 04:41

'Here you have' threat subsides, but comeback possible

The first wave of the "Here you have" virus seems to have run its course with removal of the malicious file from the site from which it was being downloaded, but keep an eye out for follow-up versions.

Written by Tim Greene11 Sept. 10 03:38

Check Point bolsters VMware security

Check Point's Security Gateway software is now available in a virtual edition that is compatible with VMware virtual environments.

Written by Tim Greene02 Sept. 10 00:49

Blue Coat brings in new CEO

Blue Coat Systems has brought in a new CEO, spinning the change as a way to free up outgoing boss Brian Nesmith from the daily grind of managing the company to instead work on product strategy.

Written by Tim Greene02 Sept. 10 02:23

Skype launches Skype Connect for businesses

Skype has launched a Session Initiation Protocol-based voice service for businesses that integrates free and low-cost calling into corporate IP PBXs, providing an opportunity to add voice features to corporate Web sites and to cut back on some phone expenses.

Written by Tim Greene31 Aug. 10 08:15

Quiz: How well do you know wireless and mobility?

iPhones and other handhelds bought for home use are infiltrating corporate networks, but there's a host of other wireless technologies that comprise a wave of mobile computing that is creating sweeping changes in business infrastructure. How well versed are you in the technical and not-so- technical details? Keep score as you take this brief quiz to find out and then see how well you did at the end.

Written by Tim Greene23 Aug. 10 12:11

IT security pros mentoring each other for career growth

Information security is a tough field to break into and a growing group of information security professionals are finding that it's a whole lot easier if someone has their backs.

Written by Tim Greene12 Aug. 10 01:47

Hacked smartphones pose military threat

Hacked smartphones could endanger troops by sending location data to the enemy using mechanisms similar to those employed by recently discovered Android malware, experts say.

Written by Tim Greene17 Aug. 10 01:45

Skype worries about iPhone, attracting business customers

Skype is worried about whether the iPhone and other Apple products will undermine its VoIP services and is also insecure about whether it can achieve service levels good enough to lure business customers, according to the company's filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in preparation to offering public stock for the first time.

Written by Tim Greene10 Aug. 10 08:25

'Unhackable' Android can be hacked

Once thought to be unhackable, the Android phone is anything but, according to researchers presenting at Black Hat 2010.

Written by Tim Greene30 July 10 02:49

Black Hat: Most browsers can be made to give up personal data

All the most commonly used Internet browsers are vulnerable to exploits that can force them to cough up users' personal information that can be used to hack into bank accounts or set them up for other attacks, the Black Hat 2010 conference will be told this week.

Written by Tim Greene28 July 10 00:46