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Stories by Al Sacco

RIM BlackBerry Storm2: Launch week round-up

After months of device-leaks, "pre-reviews" and all-around speculation, BlackBerry-maker RIM last week decided to finally take the wraps off its worst-kept secret of the year, the BlackBerry Storm2 9520/9550. Shortly thereafter, U.S. carrier Verizon Wireless announced that it would start selling the new device this week.

Written by Al Sacco31 Oct. 09 08:20

BlackBerry users get free Boingo Mobile Wi-Fi app

Boingo Wireless, an international network of both wired Internet zones and Wi-Fi hotspots, today released Boingo Mobile for BlackBerry, a free application that lets the company's subscribers know whenever they're in range of Boingo hotspots so they can then connect "with a single click."

Written by Al Sacco28 Oct. 09 02:59

BlackBerry Storm2: New features, enhancements list from RIM

Yesterday, U.S. wireless carrier Verizon Wireless formally announced Research In Motion's (RIM) latest touch-screen smartphone: the BlackBerry Storm2 9550. The device is not yet publicly available--you'll have to wait until later this week to get your Storm2--but the BlackBerry-maker sent us a review device early.

Written by Al Sacco28 Oct. 09 06:27

BlackBerry Watch Coming Soon? Destined to Fail?

Rumors have been bouncing around the Web for months regarding a watch that works in conjunction with BlackBerry smartphones so users can view new-message notifications without removing their devices from pockets or purses.

Written by Al Sacco20 Oct. 09 08:08

BlackBerry: Create MMS Audio, Video, Slide Shows

You've probably used your BlackBerry smartphone to send countless text, or short message service (SMS), messages. Perhaps you even employ your device's multimedia messaging service (MMS) functionality to distribute image- and video-messages to friends and colleagues and/or groups of both.

Written by Al Sacco16 Oct. 09 05:34

MS Pushes for Business Customers to Use 'Windows Phone'

Microsoft on Wednesday announced the availability of a number of handsets running its brand new mobile operating system, Windows Mobile 6.5. While most of the new features and enhancements are aimed at consumers, the company says it isn't overlooking the enterprise.

Written by Al Sacco08 Oct. 09 08:28

BlackBerry Battle: RIM/NTP Patent Case Takes New Turn

If you're a long-time BlackBerry user or "CrackBerry addict", you very likely remember a time just a few years ago when the continued existence of your precious handheld - and its addictive "push" e-mail technology - were in question due to a high-profile lawsuit between Research In Motion (RIM) and patent company NTP.

Written by Al Sacco29 Sept. 09 11:59

iPhone 3.1 breaking Exchange e-mail for iPhone 3G users?

One of the major announcements from Apple's "It's only rock and roll, but we like it" event in San Francisco yesterday was the immediate release of the latest iPhone operating system: iPhone OS 3.1.

Written by Al Sacco11 Sept. 09 04:14

Zenprise smartphone management software gets new features

The continuing spread of smartphones inside and outside of office walls is leading more and more corporate IT departments to consider third-party software offerings for assistance in managing and maintaining the integrity of their BlackBerry/iPhone/Palm device deployments.

Written by Al Sacco09 Sept. 09 07:18

Apple to kill Palm Pre iTunes media sync again?

It's that time again. Apple has distributed electronic invites to notify all the cool kids that a major company event is being held in San Francisco tomorrow.

Written by Al Sacco09 Sept. 09 03:29

Paperless boarding passes for smartphones hit SFO

San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is the Bay Area's first airport to employ a secure barcode-scanning system for paperless boarding passes so travelers with Internet-connected smartphones, like BlackBerrys and iPhones, can check-in using their handhelds. The system, which is currently being used on an experimental-basis, has the potential to save airlines money on printing costs and reduce paper-waste, as well as relieve potential stresses to travelers of misplacing boarding passes.

Written by Al Sacco03 Sept. 09 04:32

Boxtone releases 'user self-service module' for BlackBerry

BlackBerry-monitoring software-maker BoxTone today released the BoxTone User Self-Service Module for BlackBerry. The new product is meant for corporate customers who want to cut BlackBerry management and support costs without decreasing BlackBerry deployment numbers or quality of service.

Written by Al Sacco02 Sept. 09 03:37

BlackBerry: Saving Heart-Attack Victims with Handhelds

Modern medicine and technology go hand-in-hand. For years, we've come to associate a hospital not only with the patients it houses and medical professionals who work there, but also the machines and gadgets that aid doctors and nurses in our care. As we see in person, or on episodes of ER, we recognize the blood-pressure sleeves, the beeping heart-rate monitors, and IV machines.

Written by Al Sacco28 Aug. 09 07:37