Stories by Michael Cooney

The 7 most common challenges to cloud computing

It's no secret that agencies core to the U.S. government has as a central plan - known as Cloud First -- to move most operations toward a cloud computing service. In the process of course is a never-ending evaluation by other agencies to talk about how those cloud implementations are doing.

Written by Michael Cooney11 July 12 20:33

FTC goes after Wyndham for data beaches at its hotels

A little over a month after the FBI warned travelers of an uptick in data being stolen via hotel Internet connections, the Federal Trade Commission has filed a complaint against Wyndham Worldwide Corporation and three of its subsidiaries for alleged data security failures that led to three data breaches at Wyndham hotels in less than two years.

Written by Michael Cooney27 June 12 12:32

In Pictures: Hot high-tech thingamajigs

A quick look at the latest in waterproof cellphones, dancing iPhones, solar-powered gear and robots from around the world

Written by Michael Cooney22 June 12 10:38

NASA revamps, looks to speed high-tech commercialization opportunities

Looking to address harsh criticism from its own inspector general that has been painfully slow in getting important technologies out of the lab and into commercial applications, NASA today said it has opened a revamped Technology Transfer Portal which aims to streamline the way the space agency handles that business.

Written by Michael Cooney20 June 12 21:25

In Pictures: Is RIM ruined?

Bad news keeps piling up on RIM, but it wasn’t always that way

Written by Michael Cooney04 June 12 09:57

US warns users of new Citadel ransomware hit

The nasty Trojan known as Citadel malware, which is based on Zeus, has typically been used to extort money from online banking users, but a new variant is making the rounds that tries to get your money by saying you looked at child porn sites and must pay a violation fee to the U.S. Department of Justice.

Written by Michael Cooney31 May 12 20:39

Are CEOs getting the social media thing?

IBM says a study it did of some 1700 Chief Executive Officers worldwide found that many indeed - or should be - grasping social media as a key enabler of collaboration and innovation.

Written by Michael Cooney24 May 12 13:33

FBI issues warning on hotel Internet connections

The FBI today warned travelers there has been an uptick in malicious software infecting laptops and other devices linked to hotel Internet connections.

Written by Michael Cooney10 May 12 04:47