Stories by Michael Cooney

IBM melds crime-fighting, big data analytics in one security package

IBM today came out with its first iteration of the analytics software package that it expects will help law enforcement, government agencies and private businesses wade through the massive amounts of data they collect to help them predict, disrupt and prevent criminal, terrorist and fraudulent activities.

Written by Michael Cooney02 May 12 02:50

When it comes to analyzing safety data, FAA might be in database hell

One of the most important functions of the Federal Aviation Administration is to gather, review and analyze all manner of aviation safety data to reactively and more to the future, proactively prevent accidents and manage safety risks.

Written by Michael Cooney26 April 12 06:28

Who is threatening the security of your network?

The myriad threats to public, private and U.S. government networks is getting a ton of attention in Washington, D.C., this week as the House gets ready to debate yet another cybersecurity bill.

Written by Michael Cooney25 April 12 05:30

Healthcare industry group builds cybersecurity threat center

Looking to address growing cybersecurity threats in the healthcare industry the Health Information Trust Alliance today said it has established a centralized Cybersecurity Incident Response and Coordination Center where organizations can report incidents and get help remediating electronic medical security problems.

Written by Michael Cooney25 April 12 02:28

Free apps kill smartphone battery life

Those free apps like Angry Birds, Instagram and Tiny Wings may be loads of fun, but they suck the battery life out of your smartphone by tracking your geographical location, sending information about you to advertisers and downloading ads.

Written by Michael Cooney07 April 12 01:30

Internet security better but foul exploits grow, IBM says

IBM said it found surprising improvements in Internet security such as a reduction in application security vulnerabilities, exploit code and spam, but it also noted that those improvements come with a price: Attackers have been forced to rethink their tactics.

Written by Michael Cooney24 March 12 07:30

Identity theft reporting system needs improvements, victims say

Unwanted pressure to buy protection services from credit reporting agencies and the inability to speak to a live person when reporting an identity theft situation were the two most annoying issues victims identified in a Federal Trade Commission report issued on the growing problem this week.

Written by Michael Cooney14 March 12 01:30