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  • Amazon has watershed week as content producer

    It's been a week of milestones for Amazon's ambitions as content producer, as it makes its way down a path paved by another Internet-based company -- Netflix. Both companies are now giving legacy producers of quality TV content a run for their money, potentially forcing a greater disruption in the industry than ever before.

    Written by Fred O'Connor15 Jan. 15 03:57
  • Which cloud providers had the best uptime last year?

    Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform recorded impressive statistics for how reliable their public IaaS clouds were in 2014, with both providers approaching what some consider the Holy Grail of availability: five nines.

    Written by Brandon Butler12 Jan. 15 22:16
  • Romanian version of EU cybersecurity directive allows warrantless access to data

    More than a dozen Romanian non-governmental organizations are protesting new cybersecurity legislation passed by the parliament last week that would force businesses to provide the country's national intelligence agencies with access to their data without a court warrant.

    Written by Lucian Constantin25 Dec. 14 05:17
  • Top five smartphone disappointments of the year

    The poor design of two different smartphones, a low-resolution front camera with the new iPhone, the Moto G's lack of LTE, and the hefty price tag of the Amazon Fire led to disappointment this year when it came to smartphone releases.

    Written by Mikael Ricknäs18 Dec. 14 02:59
  • 6 Things Nexus 9 Does That Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 Can't

    Ranging from budget devices with basic functionality to cutting-edge tablets for gadget lovers, the world of Android tablets is packed with options. With so many choices, it's challenging to decide on the best tablet for you or someone on your gift list.

    Written by Al Sacco13 Dec. 14 06:41
  • 6 Things Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 Does That Nexus 9 Can't

    The world of Android tablets is packed with options, ranging the gamut from budget devices with bare-bones functionality to cutting-edge, feature-packed tablets for the true gadget geek. With so many worthy choices, it can be a challenge deciding on the best tablet for you or a loved one.

    Written by Al Sacco13 Dec. 14 06:40
  • In Pictures: How 41 tech companies got their names

    From Apple to Amazon to Microsoft to Twitter, the names of some of the world's most popular tech companies tend to have interesting and significant backstories.

    Written by Yoni Heisler18 Nov. 14 09:57
  • Amazon launches $39 Chromecast competitor

    Amazon this week began taking pre-orders for its Fire TV Stick, an HDMI dongle that streams content. But if you order the $39 stick today, you won't get it by Christmas.

    Written by Lucas Mearian29 Oct. 14 05:53
  • Amazon builds sales, but losses pile up

    Amazon.com continued to increase its sales last quarter but losses also mounted, to the growing consternation of investors.

    Written by Joab Jackson24 Oct. 14 09:11
  • Lessons from a hack

    David Gee relives the day he became the victim of a spear phishing attack.

    Written by David Gee28 Aug. 14 12:53