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  • Reddit, Mozilla, Imgur and others in slowdown protest over net neutrality rules

    A consortium of some of the Internet's most visited websites, including reddit, Imgur, Wordpress, and Mozilla, will prominently display a spinning red loading icon on Wednesday, September 10, in a protest against planned FCC rules changes that would undermine the principals of net neutrality.

    Written by Jon Gold05 Sept. 14 06:25
  • FCC broadband report offers fodder for net neutrality discussions

    A recent FCC study may have taken some wind out of the sails for those who suggest that ISPs are not living up to performance promises. In its fourth such annual report, "Measuring Broadband America-2014," the FCC has found that, on average, ISPs now provide 101% of advertised download speeds.

    Written by Larry Hettick23 June 14 23:02
  • Outrage over net neutrality decision heard ‘round the Internet

    The Federal Communications Commission's proposed new rules for net neutrality touched off a firestorm across broad sections of the Internet this week, as critics charge that the FCC has effectively gutted the entire concept.

    Written by Jon Gold26 April 14 06:09
  • AT&T Data Plan Is 'a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing'

    Open Internet advocates are warning that AT&T's 'sponsored data' program could create pay-to-play mobile Web. It has also been described as a new form of double-dipping, where both customers and businesses are charged for the same data usage.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin09 Jan. 14 14:52
  • Free Public Wi-Fi to Get Faster to Meet Mobile Demands

    In response to the soaring use of smartphones, tablets and other data-hungry wireless devices in public mobile broadband hotspots such as airports and convention centers, government regulators have voted in favor of a proposal to increase the capacity of free public Wi-Fi.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin21 Feb. 13 14:20
  • FCC IT Healthcare Fund to Boost Broadband Connections

    The FCC's new $400 million Healthcare Connect Fund is designed to boost broadband connections in rural areas in order to support telemedicine to expand patient access to specialists and drive down costs.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin08 Jan. 13 15:58
  • FCC Addresses Mobile Broadband Concerns

    House subcommittee members question FCC commissioners about the planned 2014 wireless spectrum auction to advance mobile broadband. The panel voiced concern over using too much spectrum for unlicensed uses versus licensed uses.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin13 Dec. 12 15:15
  • FCC's Approach to Technology 'Siloed' and 'Antiquated,' Critics say

    As the Federal Communications Commission continues its work on expanding broadband access and adoption, some Washington insiders urge the agency to relax its regulatory approach as wireless and wireline technologies converge.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin28 Nov. 12 01:30
  • The Internet has escaped the ax, at least in the US, at least for now

    A year ago <a href="http://www.networkworld.com/columnists/2010/121310-bradner.html">I wrote</a> that 2011 would be a year in which the Internet would "be under a multi-pronged attack that threatens to change it irrevocably in ways that may destroy much of the Internet's potential." Well, 2011 has come and mostly gone, and it turned out that my pessimism may have been misplaced but not invalid.

    Written by Scott Bradner21 Dec. 11 02:31
  • FCC group crafting plans to open up mobile spectrum

    The Federal Communications Commission Spectrum Task Force laid out preliminary ideas on Friday for making frequencies now used for satellite services available for conventional mobile broadband.

    Written by Stephen Lawson19 June 10 05:12
  • Court rules against US FCC's Comcast net neutrality decision

    A U.S. appeals court has ruled that the U.S. Federal Communications Commission did not have the authority to order Comcast to stop throttling peer-to-peer traffic in the name of network management.

    Written by Grant Gross07 April 10 04:35