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  • NewsGator upgrades Social Sites with microblogging

    NewsGator's Social Sites, an enterprise social-networking complement to Microsoft's SharePoint Server 2007, now features Twitter-like microblogging capabilities tailored for workplace communications.

    Written by Juan Carlos Perez30 Sept. 09 06:03
  • Facebook sued over social networking patent

    Facebook has been sued by a software company in Baltimore that claims the social-networking site is violating a two-year-old patent.

    Written by Robert McMillan23 Sept. 09 10:04
  • Aussie signs up for mortgage on Facebook

    Australian businesses are beginning to understand the opportunities of integrating social networks into their organisation, with mortgage franchise Aussie Home Loans Dee Why in Sydney selling its first home loan via Facebook.

    Written by Georgina Swan11 Sept. 09 11:07
  • Lonely? Why not buy some Facebook friends

    Are you totally reprehensible and feeling lonely? Or maybe you're just a struggling business looking for some instant online companionship? The firm <a href="">Usocial</a> has the answer for you -- buy Facebook friends and fans.

    Written by Brennon Slattery04 Sept. 09 04:10
  • Facebook Connect goes mobile

    Facebook is extending its Connect data portability technology to developers of mobile sites and applications, following its launch six months ago for iPhone developers, the company announced Thursday in an official blog.

    Written by Juan Carlos Perez04 Sept. 09 04:25
  • Enterprise stuggles to harness Facebook, Twitter feedback

    Sales and marketing technology group, RightNow, has published a report on ‘rules of engagement’ for enterprises looking to integrate social media utilities such as Facebook and Twitter into their operations.

    Written by Daniel Bishton14 Aug. 09 08:00
  • Twitter to bolster tools with 'retweet' function

    Micro-blogging service Twitter says it is working on a new tool to help you "retweet." Retweeting is jargon for re-posting something posted (or tweeted) by another user. Retweeting typically gives credit to the original poster. In offering this feature Twitter is just playing catch-up to what 3rd party apps already do.

    Written by Daniel Ionescu15 Aug. 09 00:11
  • Twitter is 40% 'Pointless Babble.' Wait, that's it?

    In a new study conducted by Pear Analytics of San Antonio Texas, approximately 40% of posts on Twitter can be described as "pointless babble." According to SFGate's "The Tech Chronicles," the study sampled the Twitter stream every 30 minutes from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. for 10 days.

    Written by Mike Keller14 Aug. 09 04:28
  • Students tweet telescope takeover

    Students from three Melbourne high schools have taken control of CSIRO’s famous Parkes telescope in NSW using the internet, posting their results on Twitter.

    Written by Georgina Swan12 Aug. 09 12:38
  • Study: Top CEOs still shunning Twitter, Facebook

    CEOs at the top companies in the U.S. are dramatically disconnected from the social networking phenomenon, according to a research report released this week by, an online news and discussion site that focuses on CEOs at major companies.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin26 June 09 07:24
  • Social networking success requires solid plans

    Users who shared their social networking implementation stories at the Enterprise 2.0 conference in Boston on Wednesday emphasized that success requires careful consideration of corporate culture and goals, as well as effective technology.

    Written by Chris Kanaracus25 June 09 04:31