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  • Twitter hacked, secrets to be revealed?

    Alleged internal documents and sensitive information from Twitter and its employees might be posted today on news sites and other Web outlets. The source of this information is a French hacker who goes by the name of Hacker Croll. The cybercriminal claims to have accessed personally sensitive information for several Twitter employees including personal accounts on PayPal, Amazon, AT&T, MobileMe, Facebook, business Gmail accounts, and the Web registrar account for Twitter.com, according to the French blog Korben.

    Written by Ian Paul16 July 09 02:34
  • Twitter suspends accounts of users with infected computers

    Twitter is suspending the accounts of some users whose computers have fallen victim to a well-known piece of malicious software that has targeted other sites such as Facebook and MySpace.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk13 July 09 07:48
  • Chambers unfazed at disrupted speech

    Cisco Systems believes networking among doctors as well as among sensors in the field can help prevent pandemics, Chairman and CEO John Chambers said in a keynote address at the company's annual Cisco Live customer conference that was briefly disrupted by a protest and a technical glitch.

    Written by Stephen Lawson01 July 09 07:34
  • Study: Top CEOs still shunning Twitter, Facebook

    CEOs at the top companies in the U.S. are dramatically disconnected from the social networking phenomenon, according to a research report released this week by UberCEO.com, an online news and discussion site that focuses on CEOs at major companies.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin26 June 09 07:24
  • Facebook tests improved posting tool

    Facebook has started to test a new version of its Publisher, the tool that members can use to post notes, status updates, links, photos, videos and other content on their profile "wall" and share them with their friends.

    Written by Juan Carlos Perez25 June 09 04:18
  • Iran's leaders fight Internet; Internet wins (so far)

    Iran's government in recent days has tried to cut off Internet access for most of its election protestors by shutting down routers at the nation's perimeters, ripping satellite dishes off roofs, cutting cables and turning off telephone switching networks.

    Written by Patrick Thibodeau18 June 09 07:51
  • Amex gets social with CRM

    American Express is turning to social networking sites Facebook and Twitter in an effort to better manage customer relations and boost customer service levels.

    Written by Kathryn Edwards and Tim Lohman12 May 09 15:52
  • Australia hits Google swine flu map

    Two suspect cases of the swine flu virus - which has killed more than 80 people in Mexico and infected 20 in the United States - have been pinned on a map of Queensland on a Google map tracking the global movement of the possible pandemic.

    Written by Kathryn Edwards27 April 09 14:42
  • Twitter's ecosystem builds with job search app

    The social media phenomenon that is Twitter continues to attract third-party developers with the London-based WorkDigital developing TwitterJobSearch, a job search engine for the microblogging service now available online (in beta, of course).

    Written by Rodney Gedda14 April 09 09:27
  • Salesforce integrates Service Cloud with Twitter

    Salesforce.com is working to integrate its Service Cloud customer-service platform with the popular messaging service Twitter, the company announced Monday.

    Written by Chris Kanaracus24 March 09 08:07