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Stories by Shane O'Neill

Blog: Microsoft to Businesses: Windows 7 Is About You

For awhile there it seemed as if Microsoft had forgotten who butters its bread. It's businesses of course! The enthusiasm around the Windows 7 beta largely involved consumery UI features such as the nifty taskbar, Aero Peek navigation feature and clickable mouse-over thumbnails.

Written by Shane O'Neill10 March 09 12:43

Blog: Microsoft's Life May Depend on Defining a PC Lifestyle

The reaction to Microsoft's plan to open retail stores from bloggers and pundits has been mostly negative. It's likely to fail, they say. Why? Because Microsoft doesn't offer an "experience" or a "lifestyle" or that special, personality-defining, everything's gonna be OK allure that Apple stores offer.

Written by Shane O'Neill27 Feb. 09 11:46

Blog: Mac Sales Drops Help Microsoft, But It Ain't No Cure

You knew it would happen eventually. The faltering economy finally caught up to Apple, as Mac retail sales dropped 6 percent in January compared to January 2008, according to research firm The NPD Group.

Written by Shane O'Neill23 Feb. 09 10:15

Windows 7: Enterprise Features Explained

The lion's share of attention about the Windows 7 beta has been on consumer features. The new taskbar with its jumplists, mouse-hover features, easy navigation and the more controllable user account control are the immediate attention-grabbers. But the under-the-hood, less "sexy" enterprise features of Windows 7 are not as well known.

Written by Shane O'Neill19 Feb. 09 02:26

The Big Windows 7 Problem: XP Holdouts

With the just-released Windows 7 beta, Microsoft is touting the OS's ease of use and ability to run on all types of computers. But it's an open question whether Microsoft can convince its most skeptical critics: Windows XP holdouts.

Written by Shane O'Neill13 Jan. 09 10:01

Four Things Microsoft Got Right in 2008

Microsoft generated plenty of negative headlines in 2008. We watched as it struck out in its attempts to acquire Yahoo. And Microsoft-haters grew smug when the confusing Seinfeld-Gates commercials were quickly pulled and replaced with the "I'm a PC" campaign. Microsoft's attempts to out-market Apple and reverse the negative press of Windows Vista simply didn't work out.

Written by Shane O'Neill05 Jan. 09 11:50

Windows XP: The Microsoft OS That Just Won't Die

Users' desire to stick with Windows XP combined with Microsoft's strategy of charging XP downgrade fees are keeping the software giant from moving forward, say industry analysts.

Written by Shane O'Neill15 Dec. 08 10:40

Blog: Windows 7 Should Resist Resembling a Mac

News that Windows 7 beta 1 will be available on or around Jan. 13 got me thinking about the new look and feel of the OS and Microsoft's deliberate effort to have a cooler-looking interface.

Written by Shane O'Neill08 Dec. 08 10:58

Blog: Microsoft and Yahoo's Search Deal Is Destined to Be

Microsoft and Yahoo are reportedly at it again. No matter how firmly Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer says there will be no acquisition of Yahoo, it seems these two lovebirds can't stop flirting.

Written by Shane O'Neill02 Dec. 08 12:31

Blog: Microsoft Tied Its Own Hands with 'Vista Capable' Fiasco

I suppose if Microsoft could turn back time, it would not have allowed Intel's 915 graphics chipset to qualify for its "Vista Capable" marketing campaign given all the trouble it caused them during the early days of Vista and is causing them now in a class-action lawsuit.

Written by Shane O'Neill25 Nov. 08 12:30