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Stories by Shane O'Neill

Death of Windows XP SP2 Support a Security Risk, Says Report

If your business is still running Service Pack 2 of Windows XP, security problems are lurking around the corner, according to new research from IT services vendor Softchoice stating that almost 80 percent of organizations surveyed risk a security breach if the do not upgrade to SP3.

Written by Shane O'Neill23 June 10 02:30

Microsoft's Tony Scott on Work, Life as a CIO

As Microsoft CIO, Tony Scott oversees the software giant's security, infrastructure, and messaging and business applications, and helps support the product and corporate business groups as well as Redmond's global sales and marketing organization.

Written by Shane O'Neill04 June 10 00:04

SharePoint 2010: Three Ways Sony Is Using It

Sony Electronics, the division of Sony Corporation that designs and develops the company's cameras, computers, TVs and other devices, is making a broad move to SharePoint 2010 to improve search, social networking and document sharing.

Written by Shane O'Neill31 May 10 03:58

Office 2010: Three Reasons Why I'm Migrating

At its launch event in New York City, Microsoft blared the trumpets for Office and SharePoint 2010, emphasizing that the new updates are designed to give users a choice of on-premise or cloud environments, calling the new releases an intersection of the PC, phone and browser.

Written by Shane O'Neill14 May 10 08:55

Exchange 2010: To Migrate or to Stay Put

Cloud-based e-mail may be generating powerful market buzz, but in the enterprise, Microsoft Exchange today remains the dominant e-mail platform.

Written by Shane O'Neill30 April 10 06:58

Productivity Tools in the Cloud: Real World Best Practices

If you're an enterprise deciding whether now is the time to migrate your e-mail or SharePoint environment into a cloud service, there is a method to all this cloud madness. And if done right, it could transform your company's identity.

Written by Shane O'Neill25 March 10 07:48

Inside MS Cloud Model for Productivity Apps

Enterprises of all shapes and sizes are catching on to the value in moving e-mail and other productivity apps to the cloud where they can be delivered and managed by vendors like Microsoft, Google or Cisco.

Written by Shane O'Neill16 March 10 05:22

Google's Big New Cloud Play: Should Microsoft Be Afraid?

Late last week, Google made another aggressive move to stay ahead of Microsoft in the online productivity tools space by acquiring DocVerse, a startup founded by two former Microsoft employees, known for tools that let users collaborate on Microsoft Office files on the Web.

Written by Shane O'Neill12 March 10 08:51

MS Round-Up: Ballmer on Cloud 9, Office 2010 Upgrades, More

The big news this week out of Redmondland was CEO Steve Ballmer's Cloud Manifesto at the University of Washington. Big Steve was explicit in his remarks: Microsoft is betting its future on cloud computing.

Written by Shane O'Neill08 March 10 05:31

Fighting the Dark Side: Tech's Heroes and Villains

The hero and the villain. It's the age-old formula that pervades today's reality TV showdowns, the shenanigans of professional wrestling and cinematic classics like Star Wars. Tech is no different, with its passionate heroes who balance profit with innovation and social responsibility, and the money-mad, egomaniac villains who simply cannot be trusted. Here's a look at tech's good guys and bad guys.

Written by Shane O'Neill23 Feb. 10 12:45

Windows 7 Tips: Best Security Features

For both enterprises and consumers, one of the big draws of Windows 7 has been its tighter security features.

Written by Shane O'Neill04 Feb. 10 04:52