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Stories by Sharon Gaudin

IDC: Chip market on way back after recession

A rise in PC chip shipments in the last quarter of 2009 indicates that the market is on its way back after the dark days of the recession, according to an IDC report released today.

Written by Sharon Gaudin27 Jan. 10 05:43

Google co-founders to unload stock in company

The co-founders of Google are each looking sell 5 million shares of the company as part of "pre-arranged stock trading plans," according to a company filing with the US Federal Security and Exchange Commission.

Written by Sharon Gaudin26 Jan. 10 07:53

Twitter now has 75M users; most asleep at the mouse

The number of Twitter users has climbed to a lofty 75 million, but the growth rate of new users is slowing and a lot of current Twitterers are inactive, according to a study released today.

Written by Sharon Gaudin27 Jan. 10 04:50

Hello? Hello? NASA's Mars Lander remains silent

All was silent this week as NASA listened intently for signs of life from its long-frozen robotic Lander, sitting in the cold and dark near the northern pole of Mars.

Written by Sharon Gaudin23 Jan. 10 08:55

Scientists use nanotech to prevent heart disease

University researchers have built nanoparticles designed to cling to artery walls and slowly release medicine - a breakthrough that could help fight heart disease.

Written by Sharon Gaudin20 Jan. 10 08:33

Google should boost image with China battle, analysts say

Google's decision to go toe-to-toe with one of the world's most powerful countries could provide huge benefits to its image while having little short-term impact on the company's financial condition, analysts said.

Written by Sharon Gaudin14 Jan. 10 03:40

NASA to seek signs of life from its Mars Lander

More than a year after the Phoenix Mars Lander appeared to effectively freeze to death on the surface of the Red Planet, NASA is getting ready to listen for signs that it's still alive.

Written by Sharon Gaudin13 Jan. 10 05:25

Scientists start analyzing Large Hadron Collider data

After billions of dollars were spent to build, start, shut down and then fix and re-start the Large Hadron Collider, the system has finally produced enough data for some long-awaited scientific analysis.

Written by Sharon Gaudin13 Jan. 10 07:59

Nanotech Creates Batteries Out of Paper

Researchers at Stanford University have used nanotechnology to create lightweight, bendable batteries out of paper.

Written by Sharon Gaudin21 Dec. 09 22:13