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Stories by Tim Lohman

Thodey to be a tough competitor to Optus: Fletcher

Despite his reputation for diplomacy, new Telstra CEO David Thodey will be as equally tough a competitor as Sol Trujillo ever was, according to former Optus executive and telco industry insider Paul Fletcher.

Written by Tim Lohman08 May 09 17:09

Cultural change blowing in the wind at Telstra: Budde

A co-operative, collaborative Telstra could be set to emerge with the appointment of Telstra group managing director of enterprise and government, David Thodey, as the new CEO, according to telco industry expert Paul Budde.

Written by Tim Lohman08 May 09 11:01

Westpac Outlines St George IT Integration Strategy

Westpac is to derive much of its future IT innovation and costs savings from a cross pollination of best-of-breed IT systems between itself and St George, which was acquired by the bank last year.

Written by Tim Lohman07 May 09 12:27

Westpac Credits IT with Performance Gains

Westpac has made major advances in the last half year in improving the reliability and stability of its in-house IT systems according to the bank’s CEO, Gail Kelly.

Written by Tim Lohman06 May 09 13:28

GFC creating new opportunities for CIOs: IDC

Rather than encouraging CIOs to batten the hatches, the global financial crisis (GFC) encouraging ICT leaders to take risks and create new opportunities, according to IDC.

Written by Tim Lohman04 May 09 11:27

Mission Australia rolls out Salesforce CRM

Mission Australia has rolled out 1,155 licences of Salesforce’s CRM Enterprise edition aimed at boosting the efficiency of its employment services unit.

Written by Tim Lohman14 May 09 07:02

Swine Flu Prompts Aussie CIOs to Revisit Business Continuity Plans

Australian health authorities may have given the all clear for two local suspected cases of the [[artnid:300804|swine flu virus|new]] -- which has killed more than 80 people in Mexico and infected 20 in the United States -- but concern over the spread of the potentially fatal disease has local CIOs revisiting their business continuity plans (BCP).

Written by Tim Lohman28 April 09 10:28

CSIRO developing 100Mbit wireless broadband

Wireless technology currently in development by the CSIRO may be the key to bringing a cost effective National Broadband Network to regional and rural Australia, according to the national science organisation.

Written by Tim Lohman27 April 09 11:59

My Net Fone to launch Naked ADSL2+

My Net Fone is to launch a national Naked ADSL2+ service in mid-May aimed at encouraging fixed line telephony users to ditch their current provider in favour of fast broadband and VoIP telephony services from the company.

Written by Tim Lohman23 April 09 15:46