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Stories by Tim Lohman

Finance Dept finalises Managed Print Services Panel

The Department of Finance and Deregulation has announced the formulation of its Managed Print Services Panel as part of its overall push to whole-of-government ICT procurement.

Written by Tim Lohman21 June 11 09:54

Identity theft begins in the home

The quality of printing and design software available to the consumer is now so high that criminals are using the technology to start up their own document forging businesses, a parliamentary joint committee on Law Enforcement has heard.

Written by Tim Lohman17 June 11 11:28

Exclusive: Telstra chief David Thodey Q&A

Telstra chief executive and former IBM managing director, David Thodey, sat down with Computerworld Australia ahead of the 100th anniversary of Big Blue and reflected on his time at the company and how it set him up for the toughest role of his career.

Written by Tim Lohman16 June 11 15:47

Federal Government embracing Gov 2.0

Federal Government agencies have widely embraced social media and Web 2.0 tools in the wake of the Government 2.0 Taskforce report, documents released by the Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO) show.

Written by Tim Lohman09 June 11 11:36

Sony's PlayStation Network (PSN) restored

Sony’s PlayStation Network (PSN) is back up and running for Australian users, according to the Japanese gaming giant.

Written by Tim Lohman07 June 11 09:08

Australia to draft cybersecuity strategy paper

In a sign of the growing government acceptance of cyber attacks as genuine threats to national security, Australia will develop its first Cyber White Paper.

Written by Tim Lohman03 June 11 11:56

CeBIT 2011: Government needs a Cloud strategy

The lack of a common definition of what constitutes a ‘Cloud’ service is one of the major reasons government agencies require a federal Cloud strategy, according to the Australian Government chief information officer, Anne Steward.

Written by Tim Lohman02 June 11 12:36

CeBIT 2011: Twitter to detect earthquakes, tsunamis

Geosciences Australia has flagged that social networking applications such as Twitter may become the latest means for sourcing data on earthquakes and tsunamis in the region.

Written by Tim Lohman01 June 11 14:19

CeBIT 2011: Whole-of-govt panels slashing ICT costs: AGIMO

Real financial gains and improvements in contract conditions are being realised as a result of the Federal Government’s eight ICT whole-of-government panel arrangements, according to the Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO).

Written by Tim Lohman01 June 11 13:36

CeBIT 2011: Optus' O'Sullivan calls for open access content

Optus chief Paul O’Sullivan has used his address at CeBIT 2011 in Sydney to call for a new wave of regulatory reform aimed at ensuring the number two telco is not locked out of the next mobility boom: content and applications.

Written by Tim Lohman31 May 11 16:11

Wireless, satellite not second-rate NBN solutions: AIIA

The use of wireless and satellite technology under the National Broadband Network (NBN) should not be regarded as a second-rate solution for regional and remote Australia, a Senate Estimates session has been told.

Written by Tim Lohman27 May 11 10:35

Telecom NZ taken to court over anti-competition allegations

Telecom New Zealand (ASX:TEL) faces penalty payments in the millions if legal proceedings brought by the Commerce Commission that allege that the company has favoured its own retail business at the expense of other telcos are successful.

Written by Tim Lohman26 May 11 09:01

Govt ups pressure on states to support R18+ games classification

The Federal Government has stepped up the pressure on the state attorneys-general to agree to the introduction of R18+ games with the public release of new draft guidelines for the classification of computer games.

Written by Tim Lohman26 May 11 08:33