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Stories by Kevin Fogarty

Domino Sugar moves SAP and much more to cloud

Most of today's CIOs like to keep the company's most critical data and applications close, inside the biggest data center, where IT can see or touch the servers involved.

Written by Kevin Fogarty19 Oct. 10 06:30

Citrix launches fresh cloud attack on VMware

Rivals Citrix and VMware have taken their battle beyond technology development, even beyond marketing. Now they're working on the imaginations and psychology of potential customers and, to a certain extent, rewriting history.

Written by Kevin Fogarty09 Oct. 10 04:51

Many apps flunk security check before move to cloud

CEOs and the technologists who work for them like to say the applications they rely on -- especially the kind custom-written by specialists at banks and investment companies with fortunes behind them -- are safe as houses.

Written by Kevin Fogarty28 Sept. 10 09:18

Virtualization Management: 5 Tools That Matter Most

Long ago, when servers still came one to a box, "sysadmins" spent all their time running from one machine to another, with boxes of tools and utilities designed to squeeze out every bit of performance and stability from physical servers.

Written by Kevin Fogarty21 Sept. 10 08:42

Microsoft ad warns VMware customers about lock-In

Microsoft is warning customers that signing long-term enterprise license agreements can chain them for years to the unpredictable, often self-serving development schedule of an IT vendor--which may not suit the customer's unique needs and priorities.

Written by Kevin Fogarty01 Sept. 10 05:15

Which Apps Should You Move to the Cloud? 5 Guidelines

To most people -- especially in August -- 'Ocean Services' probably conjures visions of boogie boards, sun umbrellas and bringing the drinks without getting sand in the glass.

Written by Kevin Fogarty19 Aug. 10 04:50

Virtualisation shakes up how servers are sold

If certain server and virtualisation vendors get their way, end-user companies will be buying many fewer individual servers in a few years, and many more integrated packages of infrastructure.

Written by Kevin Fogarty12 Aug. 10 03:42

'Year of the virtual desktop' a flop so far

More than halfway through what vendors and many analysts predicted would be the year virtual desktops would replace enormous numbers of the physical kind, sales of desktop virtualization products are growing at a rate "that looks about the same as in 2009," according to Ian Song, analyst for International Data Corp.

Written by Kevin Fogarty30 July 10 01:56

Virtualization ROI Rises, Cloud Confusion Steals Spotlight

While the newest version of VMware's vSphere virtualization suite represents a big step toward practical cloud computing, virtualization technology continues to spread based on the same basic benefits that made it popular in the first place, analysts say.

Written by Kevin Fogarty22 July 10 02:48

Top Cloud Computing Security Risk: One Company Gets Burned

Virtualization and cloud computing haven't eroded the online security of most companies, analysts say. But they may be contributing to situations in which IT-service customers leave themselves vulnerable to attack because they assume their cloud provider is taking care of security.

Written by Kevin Fogarty15 July 10 05:32

Cloud computing: Small starts can have a big impact

Despite predictions that cloud computing will change the economics and strategic direction of corporate IT, the cloud's greatest impact so far has been in focused, often small projects that owe little to visions of complex, enterprise-class, computing-on-demand services, some users and analysts say.

Written by Kevin Fogarty18 June 10 04:22

Cloud Computing Shopping List: 4 Key Ingredients

Facing strong concerns about control and security, the cloud-computing trend has drifted somewhat-- away from the notion that all computing resources can be had from outside, and toward a vision of a data center magically transformed for easy connections to internal and external IT resources.

Written by Kevin Fogarty08 June 10 05:11

Desktop Virtualization: Top Vendors Still Miss the Mark

Desktop virtualization has a predicted growth curve that leaves much of the PC and IT services industries smiling: Yet none of the technologies or service providers promising to offer hosted virtual desktops are ready to step into key roles in enterprise IT infrastructures, according the same well-respected analysts who set the server virtualization market on its ear with a similar conclusion last year.

Written by Kevin Fogarty25 May 10 04:23

Cloud Computing Poses Control Issues for IT

Though most U.S. companies still list customer and other corporate information as their most valuable assets, many keep pushing this data farther from safe lockdown in the data center--and are about to give it another strong shove in that direction.

Written by Kevin Fogarty18 May 10 04:42

Desktop Virtualization: Comparing Options Frustrates IT

Virtual desktops-once the most rigid, least friendly way to put applications in front of end users-have become a hot topic by promising to deliver the security and easy maintenance that was always desktop virtualization's strength. The trouble: Desktop virtualization now comes in so many varieties that even vendors confuse terms referring to the flavors.

Written by Kevin Fogarty04 May 10 04:55