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Stories by Kevin Fogarty

Before You Choose a Cloud Computing Vendor: 8 Questions

There are few ways a CIO can look better than by walking in to the CEO's office to offer a sophisticated technology service that answers a desperate business need without requiring large capital expenses or delays before implementation.

Written by Kevin Fogarty28 April 10 04:42

How Not to Build a Cloud

The metaphor of cloud computing may go all the way back to mainframe computing, though some cloud gurus heartily dispute that view. Still, the implementation is new and complex enough that many of the basic rules are still being set, according to analysts and IT departments building heavy-duty cloud infrastructures.

Written by Kevin Fogarty15 April 10 05:57

What Does The Cloud Really Look Like?

The reality of cloud computing has always been a lot more about the nuts and bolts of data-center operations than about the metaphor of on-demand computer power flowing from anonymous sources somewhere on the other end of the network connection.

Written by Kevin Fogarty07 April 10 04:08

Cloud, Virtualization: Wasting IT Resources

Despite enhancements on both cloud and virtual computing products, major vendors aren't taking into account many of the ways even a technology designed to save IT resources can unintentionally waste them.

Written by Kevin Fogarty01 March 10 06:20

Cloud servers help hospital with digital records

Most CIOs have had to deal with rogue business units - parts of the organization that, for one reason or another, can stave off any attempt to modernize, standardize or stabilize its idiosyncratic IT systems, but still need solid data connections to the parent company.

Written by Kevin Fogarty24 Feb. 10 06:26

Healthcare IT Dilemma: iPad Lust Meets Software Reality

In addition to being a top priority for legislators and the press, healthcare has become a major target for IT vendors. Driven by economic pressures that force hospitals to merge and consolidate, regulations that force better documentation and security, and legislation that may fundamentally change the industry's business models, healthcare companies will spend more on technology this year than any other type of company, according to a study released Jan. 31 by Enterprise Strategy Group.

Written by Kevin Fogarty12 Feb. 10 08:02

How many virtual machines fit on your server?

Choosing just enough virtual machines, but not too many, for a given server has always been a challenge. Running a set of virtual servers and the applications that they support on one physical server running just one operating system seems easy enough - at first.

Written by Kevin Fogarty30 Jan. 10 06:33

Cloud, Virtualization Gurus: What Title Is Right?

IT people with skills and experience in server virtualization, cloud computing or both have a far greater chance of getting and keeping jobs than most other IT people now, according to recruiters and analysts. But what do you call these gurus?

Written by Kevin Fogarty27 Jan. 10 04:12

Virtualization Shines in Cautious IT Hiring Picture

Surveys showing the spending and hiring picture for IT as bleak for at least the first half of 2010 seem to reflect more the caution of IT managers and CIOs than their real hiring plans.

Written by Kevin Fogarty20 Jan. 10 05:52

Virtualisation speed traps: ways to drag apps down

What has driven the market for virtual servers more than the potential to squeeze several servers worth of performance out of just one physical server? It's the relative ease with which most applications can move from a physical infrastructure to a virtual one.

Written by Kevin Fogarty14 Jan. 10 03:29

Legacy Apps in the Cloud: Six Details Worth Sweating

A host of substantial problems with porting legacy apps to the cloud will keep most companies from diving in for now, say analysts reporting on weaknesses in the cloud and ISVs trying to fill in the gaps.

Written by Kevin Fogarty17 Dec. 09 07:13

Five Problems Keeping Legacy Apps Out of the Cloud

Did you think all those legacy apps would just float up into someone else's cloud infrastructure? Management, licensing and migration concerns highlight the list of troubles that vendors are now trying to address.

Written by Kevin Fogarty16 Oct. 09 02:35

Desktop Virtualization: 5 Popular Flavors, Explained

While VMware and Citrix go head-to-head over how to virtualize the desktop, most users say they prefer to deploy more than one flavor of desktop virtualization. Here's a look at today's five main desktop virtualization choices and their advantages and disadvantages.

Written by Kevin Fogarty08 Oct. 09 02:00

Windows 7 May Spur Virtual Desktops, On and Off the iPhone

Predictions from analysts and virtualization vendors that desktop virtualization will take off during 2010 may be off the mark. Sales may take off, but the desktop PC may not have much to do with it.

Written by Kevin Fogarty01 Oct. 09 07:46